Your Daily Muslim #569: Balqees Ahmed Fathi

Balqees Ahmed Fathi

Balqees Ahmed Fathi

Normally when a person passes, a period of respect and mourning follows. However, this is not the case for Muslims when a kafir (infidel) dies. Islam forbids its followers from wishing an infidel to rest in peace. 25-year-old Yemeni-born singer-songwriter Balqees Ahmed Fathi, a devout Muslimah who now lives in the UAE, couldn’t leave the dead to a peaceful rest.

When actor/comedian and noted supporter of Israel Robin Williams committed suicide, Fathi took to Twitter to voice her completely respectful, moderate, and logical thoughts. “I woke up this morning to a ginormous display of emotion for the news of Hollywood actor Robin Williams’ death of depression. Frankly, I did not sympathize with him, and thanked god for the blessing of Islam.” You didn’t sympathize? So you’re telling me you’ve never gone through a long period of feeling significantly under the weather? Even if that were the case, why would you say such a cold thing about a legend’s untimely demise?

It all comes back to Fathi’s religion, which is the next thing she referenced. She thanked Allah for the “blessing” of Islam (a woman calling Islam a blessing, LOL), implying that Islam would cause a person to take different actions than Williams. Funny story: Muslims around the world commit suicide all the time, albeit in far more fiery ways than Williams.

Fathi wasn’t done making an ass of herself. She also Tweeted, “I found this video of him… he mocks the Qur’an in front of millions for the sake of his Zionist views. I know I am right. I dedicate this to his fans.” That video is one of many reasons Williams’ amazing legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of generations to come. Fathi, on the other hand, will rightly fade into obscurity.

12 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #569: Balqees Ahmed Fathi

  1. In all articles about Robin williams death, there were numerous comments full of insults, acusations, irational lies and acusations.
    All by raical muslims.
    I can’t imagine how horiffying of an experience this was for his chidren.

    What a demonic colture.

  2. *shrug*
    Dumb bitches piss & shit on the carpet. It’s all dumb bitches know how to do. So, you lock them outside with a bowl of food & water until they learn to stop.

    Also, for those curious few, yes, I am saying this stupid woman is a dog.

  3. Dirty western slut- put your burkah on! Your husband must beat you!

  4. singer songwriter………………………………….

  5. She looks looked her mother,father,cousins,grandparents,second cousins,brother. Oh that’s right they all look the same because genetically it’s almost impossible to differentiate amongst Arabs. There’s a reason why the wear veils!!!!!

  6. Inbred and wants to look western, and has less than 2000k likes. Are there only a few hundred people left alive in Yemen now? Could that be the reason no one likes her? Robin, grab a Jinn and sic it on her from the other world, thanks – all your fans. Fly high friend.

  7. im in support of balqees. islam is a gift, like it or not. she is a legend in the making such as um kulthum. so piss off

  8. I am Russian, and as we say, “say good or nothing about the dead”. However, as an Orthodox Christian, I disapprove of suicide, and believe this jew Williams went to hell, just where his kind of perverted celebrities belong. I see no reason, why somebody could not criticise this bastard, therefore.

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