Your Daily Muslim #570: Naa Dakpema Dawuni Alhassan

Another Muslim failing at fashion

Another Muslim failing at fashion

Wherever Islam goes, pseudoscience and intolerance follow. This can currently be seen in Tamale, Ghana, where regional leader Naa Dakpema Dawuni Alhassan has begun a jihad against a man who made sex tapes with over 50 women from the region.

Instead of respectfully handling his jealousy of this man’s far superior sex life, Alhassan decided it would be best to try to turn the community against him and threaten his family. Alhassan told the man’s parents they would be evicted and banished from the region if they did not surrender their son to him. What did Alhassan plan to do with the young adult? Publicly flog him to death per sharia, of course, because living and letting live is un-Islamic. “No one, not even the regional police commander, can compel me to back down on this decision,” he stated. Alhassan added 100 pre-mortem lashes to the man’s punishment, to serve as a deterrent. Luckily, the man fled to Canada before the crazed Muslim could get his hands on him.

Shortly after the videos were discovered, a bizarre rainstorm occurred. Instead of blaming natural phenomena as any rational person would, Alhassan decided the torrential downpour was the wrath of Allah because people made sex tapes for their own enjoyment. Of course, he felt it was his duty to right what he felt was a horrible situation in the eyes of Allah. However, not all the persons involved in the videos were Muslims.

As for the women who had sex with the very lucky man, they were threatened with banishment from the area unless they collectively produced two cows and four rams. Why? Alhassan planned to give the two cows to non-Muslim religious leaders as offerings of atonement for the “crimes” and to appease their respective religions. The four rams were to be given to the city’s four imams, who would then chant verses from the Qur’an to ask forgiveness for the Muslim women’s sins. Apparently donating livestock can magically absolve someone of wrongdoing… totally makes sense, right?

The rams, which were not components of any ritual, would be kept by the imams for personal uses. I’ll let you ponder what that means.

5 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #570: Naa Dakpema Dawuni Alhassan

  1. Sounds like typical African shit, I wouldn’t ascribe any of it specifically to Moohamedanism. I baited a few Nigerian scammers and you wouldn’t believe how superstitious and ignorant these people are. I had these scammers call me a few times, and one time I answered in a very deep voice and told the guy that it was Satan and the phone he was calling was possessed. He was a very smooth talking and sophisticated scammer, but he started praying and cursing “de devil” right then and there and never called or emailed me again.

    As a side note, if any of the readers of this fine blog decide to bait scammers, I strongly encourage to do so safely–there is lots of info out there about how it’s done in a way that keeps your real-life information out of their hands–just so that you don’t get a visit from their friends who may live in your country/city/area.

  2. Of course, nobody told that man that sexual activity is a sin if you are not part of the islamic mafia, in which all kinds of sexual trangressions and deviant practices such as rape, sexual slavery/expoitation, pedophilia homo-pedophilia, polygamy, are ‘divinely’ sanctioned by the sky demon allah.

    Just look at how the ‘brave’ soldiers of satan…eh…allah behave in irak, syria, nigeria…

    Filthy muslim hypocrites.

  3. It boggles the mind that any ever took the words of an illiterate goat herder/failed store owner seriously, one who thought it was appropriate to put his penis on a child’s thighs, then marry her at 6. All the goats and rams are is extortion, and then this fat fuck buying / currying favor with people who probably hate his guts and being socially inept he believes he can buy status and acceptance. Don’t most people learn that doesn’t work by like 5 years old? A Muslim equals immature child.

  4. […] Naa Dakpema Dawuni Alhassan – Political leader in Ghana who claimed a bizarre rainstorm was the result of Allah’s anger at a local man who made 50 sex tapes with various women. Alhassan sentenced the man to death by public flogging, but the man got away. To appease Allah for the alleged sins the man and women committed, Alhassan ordered the women’s families to give livestock to the region’s imams. […]

  5. […] a bit to say on the subject of pornography. Unlike his fellow Muslims, he didn’t blame it for rainstorms or natural disasters, but he did describe it as being problematic. I’d say sexual frustration […]

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