Your Daily Muslim #571: Farah Mohamed Shirdon

Farah Mohamed Shirdon

Farah Mohamed Shirdon

Many Muslim youth are emigrating from the west to Syria and Iraq to join terror groups like IS (formerly ISIS.) One such troubled oung man was Calgary resident Farah Mohamed Shirdon, a Muslim of Somali background. Instead of cutting one’s wrists or hanging oneself like a normal person attempting suicide, Muslims fly across the world into a warzone and hope they get blown to bits. Some even do the deed themselves to earn 72 virgins because nothing pleases the most beneficent and merciful Allah like charred, dismembered corpses.

The exact details of Shirdon’s demise are unknown except that he perished in Iraq. However, in the weeks leading up to the event, he tweeted: “Martyrdom is what I seek,” and said he had “sold [his] soul for the sake of Allah.” One, I highly doubt a cold-blooded savage like Shirdon even had a soul, two, don’t people normally sell their souls to the devil? Just saying, Allah and the devil kinda do have a lot in common.

According to his Twitter, one of Shirdon’s favorite hobbies was beheading Shia Muslims. “Beheading Shias is a beautiful thing,” he tweeted, once again showing the world how amazingly peaceful the teachings of his religion are.

Shirdon also recorded a video message in which he burned his passport and issued numerous threats he didn’t live long enough to carry out. “This is a message to Canada and all the American tyrants: we are coming and we will destroy you, with permission from Allah the almighty,” he raged. Yeah, good luck with that. Muslims are too busy destroying each other in various inter-group and sectarian conflicts to ever stand a chance against the west.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #571: Farah Mohamed Shirdon

  1. BANG!! One less wanker in the world. (Billy Connolly)

  2. All I’m seeing is my country at 40,000ft blowing the shit out them with laser-like efficiency. Those who want to live in the 6th Century will surely die in the 21st, 1.1 Me. Idiots. Do watch the 5 part series on VICE.com about Isis, or IS, or IsI and the Levant or ISF, each week they change their names like they are two car payments behind. How can a group who has a Caliphate not settle on a god damned name? IDIOTS I tell ya. But seriously, VICE has embedded with these nuts and you get to see how truly dangerous they are. Hell Al Qaeda is afraid of them, and there is nothing religious about ISIS, they are money hungry thugs.

    • Of course they are religious, you fool. They practice satanism….eh…islam directly from the playbook better known as the (un)holy quran, and their master is an expert on this sinister ideology.

      They might even be tired to tell us, non-muslims, why they want us dead. They always provide the propper quotations from their vile books and some phony excuses (like that of the muslims being ‘oppressed’) to back their goals.

      Al-qaeda are jealous because they are not commanding the hordes of sub-humas that are wrecking havok in iraq and syria, because they have have not been as sucessful as is (the new ‘rock stars’ in the muslim ‘world’) but those bloody lunatics share the same goals.

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