Your Daily Muslim #573: Julio Cesar Pino

That beard doesn't do a good job concealing the moderate case of gay-face

That beard doesn’t do a good job concealing the moderate case of gay-face

“…for those who disbelief [sic] there shall be a painful punishment.” Nice grammar there, “professor.”

Left-wing academia has its fair share of moonbats. Add Islam to the ideological absurdity of the left and you’ve got Kent State University professor Julio Cesar Pino (conversion name Assad Pino), a Muslim who has made it his life’s work to scare away any and all prospective Jewish students from choosing Kent State.

Recently, Pino called for jihad against Israel in a letter which claimed Israel was “directly responsible for the murder of over 1,400 Palestinian children, women and elderly civilians.” Oh, you mean human shields used by Ham-as? Yeah, thought so. The deaths are tragic, but the blame falls on Hamas for encouraging a jihad-martyrdom culture, not Israel for trying to defend itself from constant showers of rockets. Pino also said Allah was preparing a “painful punishment” for Israel and its supporters. Whether or not that punishment is coming in the form of more Nobel Prizes for Muslims to be jealous of is unknown. However, he did say the following of the punishment: “Naturally, at times [Allah] uses human instruments to carry out his commands.” Totally not a couched reference to jihad terrorism…

In an online forum, a Christian engaged Pino, who was using a sock (fake) account at the time. The two debated, Pino not knowing his email address was publicly visible. The discussion had reached more or less a standstill when Pino wrote, “Who knows when the next martyrdom operation might be coming to your town? I do.” Gee, totally moderate. Definitely a valuable voice of multiculturalism we want educating our youth. Not only does he refer to suicide bombing as an act of martyrdom, but he suggests he knows about upcoming terror plots. In other words, this bastard should be behind bars instead of behind a podium.

In 2011, when an Arab-Israeli diplomat spoke at Kent State, Pino attended the lecture to throw wild accusations at him. Instead of engaging the diplomat in debate, Pino accused the Israeli government of sending “blood money” as foreign aid. When the diplomat retained his composure and didn’t devolve into a foaming rampage unlike his Muslim opponent, the professor stormed out, screaming “Death to Israel!” Unfortunately, anti-Semitism is very much alive and well at Kent State.

In 2002, Pino eulogized a slain Palestinian terrorist. His home was raided in 2009 by the Secret Service, but nothing incriminating was found other than a hate manual titled the Qur’an. He was also exposed as a webmaster behind jihadist website “Global War,” which is no longer online as of 2007. The website’s description read, “We are a jihadist news service, and provide battle [dispatches], training manuals, and jihad videos to our brothers worldwide. All we want is to get Allah’s pleasure. We will write “Jihad” across our foreheads, and the stars. The angels will carry our message throughout the world.” I will never understand what it is with Muslims and Allah’s pleasure. I mean, they already bend over for him five times a day; isn’t that enough? Maybe they’re just insatiable that way, just like the invisible sky-demon they worship.

The website’s header said, “The Worldwide Web of Jihad: Daily News from the Most Dangerous Muslim in America.” I’m pretty sure there are thousands of Muslims in America all vying for that title. Pino then changed the header to read, “Are You Prepared for Jihad? IN THE NAME OF [Osama bin Laden]. 2007: THE YEAR OF ISLAMIC VICTORY!” You have to admire his optimism, misguided and completely unfounded as it is. 2007 was yet another excellent year Muslims worldwide got their collective asses handed to them by more civilized peoples.

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  1. Personally I believe every Alumni of Kent state should be boycotting the college until he is removed as a non-abled spelling Professor at Kent State and every parent should be pulling their students out of that college until he is fired. He’s an anti American terrorist. Let him move to Syria.

    • I am an alumni of Kent and contacted the VP of Alumni Relations stating that I was cancelling my pledge and did not want to be contacted until Pino was fired – she (the VP) basically told me to go p1ss up a rope

  2. […] Your Daily Muslim #573: Julio Cesar Pino. […]

  3. They will not let me post one Facebook I’ve shared it allover twitter my blog I don’t no what the problem is? @wasp

  4. Truth about Islam is not so rosy.
    Muhammad, founder of Islam and author of Koran, was mentally sick psychopath and pedophile, he had married a 6-year old girl and raped her when she was 9. Muhammad could not read and write. While in seizure, he uttered disjointed phrases, which his followers represented as Allah divine afflatus. This is the history of Islam that muslims and “honest and free” western media would not like you to know. These facts show that islam is not a religion, but a cult. Read: “History of Middle Ages” Professor Nikolay A. Osokin, Textbook (in Russian), Publishing house: Imperial University Printing Office, Kazan, 1888, 771 pp.)
    In his Cairo speech, Obama accredited to arabs all fundamental inventions human race made over centuries. None of the Obama mentioned is true, as every person graduated from credible high school knows. However, it does not mean that Arabs, great nation with centuries of history, has no inventions critical for human life. They have and here they are:
    1. Ethnic Cleansing – invented centuries ago, implemented over 2000 years ago in Israel when they occupied Israel and disseminated Jews around the world; from 1948 through 1953 arab countries expelled a million Jews and stole their properties; in 1974, Turkish armed forces invaded Cyprus, captured 36 percent of its territory, partitioned the island, implemented a policy of “ethnic cleansing” and sent close to 200,000 Greek Cypriots southward as refugees who lost their property, desecrated churches and cemeteries, and in 1983 declared the northern Turkish Republic of Cyprus; in 1999, Kosovo Liberation Army stormed homes of the last 15 Jews in Kosovo’s capital, who had to clear out, with just the clothes on their backs; recently, Jews in Yemen were under attack and have been relocated to Britain.
    2. Genocide – invented by Turks and implemented (with help of palestinian arabs) in 1915-1917 in Armenia: over 1.5 mln. Armenians, including children, died. Currently, Turkey commits Kurdish Genocide: In 1937-1938, approximately 50,000-70,000 Alevi Kurds were killed. In 1990, Turkish military virtually wiped from the map 3,000 Kurdish villages in Turkey, representing the displacement of more than 378,000 people. Turkey denies Kurdish right for independence, self-determination and all human rights and continues killing Kurds on daily basis in Turkey, Iraq and Syria.
    3. Holocaust – invented in 1920s by Haj Amin al Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem and implemented in Israel in 1920s-30s. In 1941, Haj Amin al Husseini brought the Holocaust idea to Hitler and helped him to implement Holocaust in Europe in 1941-45; he organized and commanded two islamofascist brigades operated as SS units, had their own concentration camp, and killed tens of thousand of Europeans, including Jews.
    Islam is based on three fundamental principles:
    1. Stealing
    2. Killing, and
    3. Lying
    Koran says:
    “Slay them wherever you find them. Fight against them till idolatry is no more and God’s religion reigns supreme” (Sura 2:190),
    “Seek out your enemies relentlessly” (Sura 4:103),
    “Make war on them till idolatry shall cease and God’s religion shall reign supreme” (Sura 8:36),
    “When the sacred months are over slay the unbelievers wherever you find them. Arrest them, beseige them and lie in ambush everywhere for them” (Sura 9:5),
    “Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you” (Sura 9:121),
    “When you meet the unbelievers on the battlefield strike off their heads” (Sura 47:3),
    “Prophet, make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal sternly with them. Hell shall be their home, evil their fate” (Sura 66:7).
    Koran is Islamic Mein Kamf. Islam is fascist cult and must be eliminated from the earth.

  5. Julio Pino is a goat f*cking raghead.

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