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Your Daily Muslim #577: Jamilah Nasheed

Jamilah Nasheed with the Butcher of Benghazi

Jamilah Nasheed with the Butcher of Benghazi

Jamilah Nasheed’s story is actually pretty inspirational, which makes me sad that she truly belongs on here. She fell in with the wrong crowd during her teenage years and ended up joining a gang. As a result, she ended up stabbing someone and serving time behind bars. Despite her past, Nasheed has managed to rise in society and became a Democratic state senator representing part of St. Louis, MO. Seems like an American success story, right? Well, unfortunately, despite setting an example for many youth, Nasheed’s views are… bizarre, to say the least.

The shooting death of Michael Brown, a black man, by a white cop in Ferguson, MO sparked racially-charged riots. Many have called for the officer to be criminally charged despite the lack of proof of criminal action; police say Brown charged them and assaulted them in their car, conflicting witness reports suggest he was either executed point-blank outside the car or shot while attempting to run. That aside, Nasheed has been circulating a petition to have the prosecutor in the case removed due to alleged bias. According to Nasheed and others, the prosecutor has close ties to law enforcement, thus removing neutrality. Uhh, what prosecutor doesn’t have professional relationships with law enforcement personnel? That kinda comes with the job. Nasheed’s petition is still making the rounds. She hopes to garner 70,000 signatures despite not doing so well in TV interviews.

Nasheed is also a critic of politicians’ anti-sharia bills. When a Republican introduced a bill in 2011 to prevent foreign and religious laws from being applied in US courtrooms, Nasheed went on the attack. “It’s a bill that’s being pushed by ignorant people that know nothing about Islam,” she said. Hold on a second – she’s saying that people are opposed to sharia because they know nothing about it? Pardon me while I spit up my protein shake laughing. People are opposed to sharia because of the following elements: amputation, forced marriage, less rights for women, hanging gays, flogging or stoning adulterers, jizya tax for kuffar… the list goes on. THAT is why the bill was introduced, not ignorance.

“Exercise your right at the polling places in November of 2012 because we can no longer allow for individuals to attack Islam in the way Islam has been attacked at the state capitol,” she commented. Seriously? Preventing a law involving cruel & unusual punishments from being implemented is attacking Islam? Well, now that we know what Islam is really all about…

Nasheed also called a similar measure “bigotry at its highest level.” The irony here is that sharia is insanely bigoted against all manner of infidels. Hopefully Nasheed gets her views on the right track and stops shilling for sharia.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim #577: Jamilah Nasheed

  1. Yes, she’s an ignorant loon. Of course Sharia is against everything the U.S. stands for but then she’s a stabby killer type person so abusing others is in her nature. Proving even a donkey who lives in the 7th century can get a seat in our Congress.

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