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Your Daily Muslim #581: Mohammad Hafarizam Harun

Mohammad Hafarizam Harun messing with some Charmed shit

Mohammad Hafarizam Harun messing with some Charmed shit

When anything and everything can be seen as an offense to your fragile belief system, perhaps it’s time for those beliefs to be re-evaluated. When something as natural as a bodily cycle becomes a major issue to religious obligation, it should call the teachings of the faith into question, not serve as a strike against the merits of another human being. Unfortunately, Malay Muslim lawyer Mohammad Hafarizam Harun missed the memo. Harun said that women couldn’t hold the position of chief minister, after a qualified female – a headbag-wearing Muslimah, even – announced her candidacy for the position. Why did Harun oppose the woman’s bid? Because women menstruate. #TIL a natural bodily function reduces women’s efficacy as leaders. Thanks, Islam, for enlightening me!

To expound upon his statement, Harun said the female candidate would be unable to attend certain religious events during her period due to Islamic prohibitions. You know how most women keep their periods secret? Tampons. She could easily attend those ceremonies during her menstruation without anyone being any the wiser. Sure, she may excuse herself seeing as she is a practicing Muslimah, but wouldn’t that also be smiled upon in Islam? Apparently not; it seems as if, even if a woman is willing to show her faith, anything and everything that can be done to keep her out of power should be. Islam also forbids women from praying and reading the child-porn fairytale known as the Qur’an during their period. I’m guessing many Muslimahs secretly enjoy Aunt Flo’s visits as a result.

Harun has also threatened legal action against online commenters who criticized other decisions he made. I mean, Muslims are known for having thin skin, but come on. We’re talking about anonymous usernames on the internet. Not exactly the kind of thing that should ruffle a rational person’s feathers.

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