Your Daily Muslim #582: Abdirahmaan Muhumed

Abdirahmaan Muhumed holding a Magic Muslim Peace Sprayer™

Abdirahmaan Muhumed holding a Magic Muslim Peace Sprayer™

“Allah loves those who fight for his cause.”

Parents, don’t give your children violent hate literature like the Qur’an. That was the mistake the parents of Abdirahmaan Muhumed, a California native turned Minneapolis resident of Somali descent, made. The book, with its graphic passages of cruelty and brutality against infidels, inspired Muhumed (whose parents clearly couldn’t spell) to travel to Syria to wage jihad with the Islamic State terror group.

29-year-old Muhumed had been married more than once and fathered nine hellspawn. It is unknown if the marriages were concurrent, as is permitted and even encouraged in Islam. His radicalization (read: staying true to Islamic teachings) led him to leave behind his growing brood and fly to Syria. “Family is not gonna save me frm [sic] hell fire because Muslims are getting kill and if i just sit here i will be ask in the akhira [afterlife],” Muhumed wrote, a smack in the face to many apologists’ argument that Muslims join the Islamic state for personal or political reasons, not religious ones. “A Muslim has to stand up for [what is] right… I give up this worldly life for Allah.” He expressed satisfaction at being called a “terrorist.” Somehow I get the feeling Islam’s PR problem isn’t the fault of alleged “Islamophobes.”

Muhumed’s goal was to “bring back the khilafah [Islamic state].” However, he wouldn’t live long enough to fulfill his dreams. He was the second American to be killed fighting for the Islamic State. His family is currently grieving.

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #582: Abdirahmaan Muhumed

  1. I think he is pointing in the wrong direction.

  2. Glad he left the children behind. Hope there will be a few calls from the social services and they won’t end up with Mooslim families.

  3. Good
    Another one bites the dust. Keep herding them through and cancel their passports once they’re gone.

  4. Rest in pain, rest in hell!

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