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Your Daily Muslim #583: Ailina Tsarnaeva

Ailina Tsarnaeva trying to impersonate Lana Del Rey while wearing a perennially-out-of-fashion leopard-ish print hijab

Ailina Tsarnaeva trying to impersonate Lana Del Rey while wearing a perennially-out-of-fashion leopard-ish print hijab

Muslims can’t seem to shake stereotypes. Maybe it’s the ridiculous ninja costumes, the constant anti-Semitism, or perhaps the odor of charred flesh from all the bombings, I’m not entirely sure. New Jersey Muslimah Ailina Tsarnaeva, the sister of Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, isn’t helping dispel these allegedly incorrect (read: accurate) notions most people have about the adherents of her religion.

Ailina had some beef with her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. Instead of ignoring each other or passive-aggressively talking it out like most women do, Tsarnaeva’s approach was certainly more Islamic in nature. She called the woman about what has been described by authorities as a custody matter. That’s when things started to get like the theme song of Islam, Ke$ha’s “Blow.” Tsarnaeva’s rant began nonviolently but quickly escalated: “I have people that can go over there and put a bomb on you,” she allegedly stated. Tsarnaeva was arrested on suspicion of aggravated harassment and making a phone threat.

In earlier weeks, Tsarnaeva had been heckled by reporters looking for Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s American-born convert ex, who many believe knew about his jihadist plans. Tsarnaeva told the journalists to “get lost,” and did not try to defend herself or her family. Speaking of defending, she’s going to need a solid defense – she will be on trial next month for misleading police during a counterfeiting investigation. Let’s see: a shoplifting mother, two terrorist brothers… sounds like a winning family.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim #583: Ailina Tsarnaeva

  1. This whole family were criminals Tamerlan never worked, he was a pot dealer/terrorist who killed his dope connect and a couple of other people. The sisters and mom were shoplifting opportunist predators, involved in anything criminal. Why aren’t we deporting all immigrants who behave like this? Does it have to come to an actual bomb attack before we say, “you need to leave, you are just too criminal to live here.” and get rid of them? These people are useless parasites, they were useless parasites in their home countries.

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