Your Daily Muslim #584: Raja Naeem

Raja Naeem showing how hard he's trying to integrate into American society

Raja Naeem showing how hard he’s trying to integrate into American society

There are many varieties of alleged Islamophobia in western society. St. Louis cab driver and father of four Raja Naeem, a Pakistani immigrant, encountered the form of Islamophobia known as workplace dress code. Naeem, who wears baggy traditional Islamic clothing including droopy salwar pants, is suing the taxi commission over his objection to rules he agreed to when he began the job.

Naeem has been cited 34 times by his employer for failing to follow basic company standards of attire, which include a white button-down shirt and black slacks. However, those garments aren’t Islamic enough for Naeem, who refuses to comply with company policy. Of course, the company can’t reasonably fire him because they know he’d likely try to strike the Muslim jackpot, which is when a Muslim files a completely idiotic lawsuit and uses the Muslim card to extort money from a company. Fired or not, Naeem was determined to wage legal jihad to wear baggy pants that are much more likely to mess up his driving than the requisite slacks.

“There is no fashion over here,” the hideously-dressed Naeem said, stating the obvious. “No doubt about that. I don’t do it for fashion.” Perhaps he should consider trying to be a bit more fashionable and grooming the mess of bristles on his face. He might get better tips. Anyway, the dhimmi judge ruled in Naeem’s favor, saying that the loose Islamic clothing would be permissible for Naeem to wear. What’s next, Muslim sports players not wearing the same jerseys? Oh wait, that’s already happened. The west needs to get it together and hold Muslims to the same standard as everyone else. Then again, leftist Muslim sympathizers love double standards.

Naeem was also arrested at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport for undisclosed reasons. However, he cited his religious beliefs as one of the motives behind the arrest. Gee, a Muslim getting taken into custody at an airport… never heard that one before.

6 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #584: Raja Naeem

  1. No need to sack him- taxi controllers don’t give him any more fares. After a week or 3 he gives up.

    • Unfortunately, he can still get hailed off the streetside or pick up at bus stations and/or airports. I hope the company appeals and fires his ass–if not for dress code violations, then for having an arrest record.

  2. The city can refuse to renew his hack license (?), one the grounds that his arrest at the airport makes him a security risk. No license, no taxi job. Problem solved.

  3. That’s one seriously aesthetically challenged dude.

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