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Your Daily Muslim #585: Hassan Deen

Keep away from children. Will certainly be skin irritant.

Keep away from children. Will certainly be skin irritant.

Pakistan, also known as Smackistan, has a growing heroin problem. Despite Islamic prohibitions on intoxicants, many in the problem-riddled nation have turned to the drug to escape their woes. Unfortunately, this has left many children without parents, and thus they roam the streets. Many fall into addiction themselves, perpetuating a cycle of abuse likely to continue to the next generation.

One might wonder how these “street children,” most of whom are homeless, pay for heroin. Unfortunately, many turn to selling their bodies. Muslim men cannot have sex with anyone other than their wives – however, some argue that penetrating an underage boy does not count as sexual intercourse. Peshawar resident Hassan Deen, an “entrepreneur” (read: pedo pimp) who rents beds to weary bus drivers at a bus depot, is involved in the dealing of street children. Many drivers passing through the area ask Deen to help them find boys. “A bus driver rents a bed from me and he says he’ll pay an extra 50 or 100 rupees (~£1) if I can get him a boy,” Deen said when interviewed. Really? One pound is all it takes to cause a Muslim to enable child rape? Then again, Muhammad (pigs be upon him) molested a 9-year-old girl, so this really isn’t surprising except for the whole same-sex element.

How does Deen get his filthy hands on boys? False promises, of course. “There’s often a kid wandering the streets alone,” Deen said, referring to the street children. “We tell these boys we’ll provide food and shelter if they come with us. That’s how we lure them in.” Note that he didn’t say anything about actually providing them food and shelter – you know, the kind thing to do. Nope, Muslims just abuse them and toss them back out onto the street. As is consistently seen from the adherents of Islam, human life and dignity are not valued highly.

Deen is still a devout Muslim, as evidenced by his attire. He has read the Qur’an, knows its teachings, and tries to follow the Sunnah of Muhammad (pigs be upon him.) Clearly child molestation isn’t particularly frowned upon in that religion. Apologists, how will you attempt to excuse this abhorrent Islamic behavior?

Deen’s clientele is mostly comprised of bus drivers. One such man is Ijaz, who admits to having molested 11 or 12 boys. Despite his abhorrent sexual practices, Ijaz still believes he is favored by the invisible sky-demon Allah. “I’m going to look for a good wife who’s read the Qur’an and prays,” he stated. “A good, respectable woman. Religion is very important because I’m Muslim.” I wonder what his future (arranged-married) wife is going to do when she finds out he enjoys raping children. Also, note the irony of a child molester thinking himself worthy of someone who is “good” and “respectable.”

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