Your Daily Muslim #587: Nasser Ahmad Ghori

Nasser Ahmad Ghori

Nasser Ahmad Ghori

What do you do when your area has an overabundance of man’s best friend and your religion views dogs as nejis (unclean)? Afghan Muslim Nasser Ahmad Ghori, director of Kabul’s sanitation department, has been organizing dog massacres for quite some time – and has no plans to stop.

Many of the stray animals have diseases such as rabies, however, very few of the canines pose a real threat to human life seeing as many are rather malnourished. Despite condemnation from the international community over the barbaric methods employed to slaughter the dogs, Ghori remains steadfast in his quest to make Kabul a dog-free zone.

How does Ghori organize and carry out the roundups? Well, he has 30 full-time employees devoted to hunting, killing, and disposing of dogs. “They attack people going to the mosque and children walking to school,” Ghori said. “It is difficult to control them as they are in such great numbers, more than 100,000, I guess, and increasing.” Difficult to control, in great numbers… is he talking about Muslims? Ghori continued: “Citizens have been complaining more, and in the past few months we have been running out of poison. We have to do something.”

However, poisoned meat traps are not the only tool in Ghori’s arsenal. His team often corners dogs and beats them with long wood poles, with nets attached. The bludgeoning continues until the dog stops resisting (sometimes killing the dog in the process), then one of Ghori’s henchmen steps on it and force-feeds it poison. The corpse is then flung into the back of a collection vehicle which looks like a garbage truck. Once the back end of the truck is piled high with dead puppies, the bodies are dumped outside the city. Huge fields littered with dog corpses can be seen just outside Kabul city limits.

Ghori has stated that his team is looking into neutering programs for the dogs, but does not believe such a solution is immediately viable. In the meantime, thousands of dogs are being murdered by the week because Muslims refuse to take them as pets due to archaic religious rulings.

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  2. How are dogs getting into these countries, are westerners bringing them and abandoning them. Am I surprised by this cruelty, no – this is how they treat poor children except before dumping them outside of the city limits, they rape the kids. Hideous people.

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