Your Daily Muslim #589: Musa Adnan

Musa Adnan. Not Photoshopped.

Musa Adnan. Not Photoshopped.

Sometimes I check up on Muslims that have been featured on here to see if they’ve done anything to warrant being shamed again. As I was looking through the recent madness caused by UK Islamic evangelist Erdi Kilic, I stumbled across videos by his fellow da’ee (giver of dawah) Musa Adnan. While less overtly sexist than Kilic, who recently implied that uncovered women are at fault for men making unwanted advances, Adnan’s views are far from modern. Let’s start with what he said about women wearing the hijab:

“People will generally just look at you in a better way and they will respect you much more [when you wear the hijab],” he said, either oblivious to or ignoring the fact that most people look at ninjas as potential assassins and/or terrorists. “The hijab will cause you, even if you’re a bad person, to want to act nice.” Nice like her, her, her, her, and so on? Don’t make me laugh even harder. Also, how does wearing a headbag make you want to act nice? Being oppressed doesn’t exactly seem like the kind of thing that would directly foster good character.

“Wearing the hijab can also protect you from side effects of sun exposure,” Adnan continued. Whoa, wait a second, you’re in the west. We like sun exposure. It’s called tanning, you know, vitamin D? I think this YDM meme sums it up pretty nicely.

Adnan also had quite a bit to say on the subject of pornography. Unlike his fellow Muslims, he didn’t blame it for rainstorms or natural disasters, but he did describe it as being problematic. I’d say sexual frustration and the resulting behaviors are far more problematic, but what do I know, I’m living in the 21st century and not the 7th. How does Adnan suggest Muslims rid themselves of their porn-viewing habits? He told his followers to “radicalize” their computers by making their wallpaper a picture of the Qur’an. The Islamic principle invoked here is taqwa, or god-consciousness, the idea that Allah is always watching. If Allah is male (as the Qur’an says) and is always watching, then why would he want his followers to *stop* looking at porn?! That makes zero sense.

How does Adnan think people develop a porn habit? He described what he thought the typical start to a porn-viewing session was. It is unknown if he drew this from personal experience: “We are not busy… we are very, very free, sitting at home, and then the Shaytaan will come to you while you’re sitting at home alone in your room with your computer and say, ‘Why not entertain yourself for a bit?'” You know how you could not be sitting at home and very, very free? Take a (second) job. As for Adnan’s claim about the Shaytaan (devil) – such pseudoscientific bullshit is unworthy of a response. People who hear voices from invisible creatures get institutionalized in the west; perhaps Adnan missed that memo.

Another solution proposed by Adnan to the alleged problem of watching porn is to fast. He claims that by fasting, you won’t have enough energy to focus and will be too tired to get it up. Have fun holding onto a job when you don’t eat and your performance suffers as a result. What he doesn’t recognize is that watching porn isn’t a big deal, isn’t “filthy” as he claims it is, and even married people sometimes enjoy it.

Speaking of marriage, that is yet another of the young da’ee’s “cures” for watching porn. “…get married as soon as possible, and that will, inshallah, stop you from engaging in things like watching pornography.” HAH! When the sex dies six months into your relationship, what are you gonna do? Very few couples (aside from gay men) can easily open up their relationship, and once the passion in the bedroom dies, it’s unlikely to come back. Adnan also recommends Muslims marry early and frequently mentions his unmarried status, both suggesting a sense of desperation to no longer be single and also frustration at his inability to get off in a way his religion deems acceptable. However, since he is Muslim, he views traditional western courtship such as dating as being unnecessary, and wants people to jump into marriage without getting past all the awkward moments first. “If he really loves you, he would marry you, he would propose to you, not take you out on a date on Valentine’s Day and buy you chocolates.” Muslims hate Valentine’s Day, but really, what’s wrong with taking your girlfriend out someplace nice? Oh wait, we’re dealing with Muslims here, the whole “girlfriend” thing is often seen as haram, ridiculous as that is.

Adnan also loves another variety of pseudoscience: creationism. He wrote [grammar corrected], “Scientifically evolution cannot be proved as a fact or a belief as science only comments on what has been observed, the changing of 1 kind to another hasn’t been observed by ANYONE, so in order for anyone to tell you that science agrees with evolution, they need to provide proof that 1 kind changing to another has been observed, they wont be able to.” We’ve pretty much got the entire fossil record of apes evolving into man, complete with all the changes along the way… if that isn’t enough to convince you of evolution, then nothing will.

Last but not least, Adnan is a staunch believer that men should grow their beards, a belief widely held by members of the gay bear community. He claims that it is the Shaytaan whispering to him whenever he feels the urge to trim his hideous facial sprouts. Again, if you think you’re hearing voices from entities that aren’t there, seek help from a mental health professional and stop banging your head on the floor five times a day. That will only make it worse.

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6 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #589: Musa Adnan

  1. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/pakistan-homophobic-country-googles-gay-porn-report-article-1.1374422 Paki’s win by a landslide, but wait there’s more!
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4u_c87_w9A Video about web analytics and porn. Turns out Muslims and conservative Christians in America like the perviest porn available, both sects being judgmental, hypocritical and quite possibly completely insane on top of not wanting anyone but them to have any kind of sex, never mind the fun kind. Weirdest porn? Pretty much everywhere, but Tehran is a freakshow, Fatwahs and Imams be damned. Porn MD graphic http://www.maxim.com/sites/default/files/html/porninfograph.html ,which lists search terms all over the world by frequency. It’s actually really interesting. From a human perspective anyway.

    This idiot, who clearly isn’t the voice of anyone but himself and by his own words was/is a porn affectionado when bored and alone, feels the need to chastise others for what he does himself. Islam is a religion by force, you are born into and if you ever decide you don’t believe you become an apostate and are worthy of death. If you had one day a year where you could change, opt out or not have a religion – Islam would be dead within 5 years. As it should have been in the 6th century. There is nothing good, nothing of value, most of it’s made up or a crock, because why would they have released a new Quoran and burnt every copy of the original Quoran after the Big M’s death? It’s baloney and millions have suffered under a religion they can’t escape from unless they choose death. Porn and Islam are forever linked.

    • You should see the search queries that cause people to end up on my site. I swear, every day I get a new variant of “Muslim tits,” “Muslim gay porn,” “Sheikh f**ks underage…” and so on. Basically everything you would think an idiot Muslim would search for in a desperate and futile attempt to make their porn halal.

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  3. We have never witnessed one thing changing into another? Um.. hasn’t this guy ever heard of caterpillars and butterflies?

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