Your Daily Muslim #592: Mitul Ahmed

Mitul Ahmed

Mitul Ahmed

As YDM587 taught us, Muslims hate dogs. Islam views our furry friends as nejis, or ritually unclean, and commands its followers to avoid them. This Islamic belief is likely what led to an incident in Paterson, NJ, in which a disabled veteran was expelled from a Subway restaurant because he had a canine service animal.

Disabled Army Veteran Richard Hunter took his dog to a local Subway. Restaurant manager Mitul (more like Mi-tool) Ahmed was behind the counter. Despite the sign on the front door indicating service animals were welcome and the obvious identification as such on Hunter’s dog, Ahmed demanded he and his dog vacate the premises. “The dog is not allowed in here,” Ahmed said. “Get the dog out of here.” No question about whether or not it was a service animal. No polite, “excuse me, sir, but company policy doesn’t permit pets in this establishment.” Just a flat no, just like the rest of Islam’s austere rules and prohibitions.

Hunter identified his dog as a service animal and reminded the Muslim what the sign on the entrance said. Ahmed’s response? “I don’t care.” In Islam, it is seen as better to avoid that which is haram than to be kind and helpful, especially to the kuffar. In fact, Muslims are commanded to be “kind to one another but harsh to the disbelievers.” (Qur. 48:29)

Hunter got in contact with a disability rights attorney, who gladly took up his case. When word of the case began to spread, a local news crew tried to get Ahmed to comment. He refused and turned away from the camera. Shortly thereafter, his son went on camera and tried to obfuscate and seem entirely vague, but the news anchor wasn’t having it. In the end, the son’s attempt at saving face probably ended up further damaging the Subway branch’s image. If you live in Paterson, NJ, go to Quizno’s.

7 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #592: Mitul Ahmed

  1. Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.

  2. I hear about this elsewhere. I wrote Subway telling them I will not using any of their stores until stories like this is not the case.

  3. Yeah! Musloids are divinely ordained by Mohammed to actually think that they are superior beings, exempt from following American laws, rules, and so forth.

  4. Muzturd taxi drivers in Canada have refused to allow disabled persons to enter their cabs accompanied by their service animals. The laws about the rights of disabled persons and their service animals are pretty clear cut yet somehow our dhimmi, apologist, politically correct “Human Rights Commission” seems able to dither around unnecessarily about forcibly enforcing the laws.
    Upon reflection, if I were a service animal with a dog’s ultra keen sense of smell, I might refuse to get in a muzz-rat taxi or go into one of their “fine dining establishments” (like Subway). 🙂

  5. We are really need some kind of way to work together on – not supporting these kinds of businesses and getting the legal services to – enforce the law. The real law – not Muslim.

  6. There’s 3 in that city. Witch one is it???

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