Your Daily Muslim #593: Ali Selim

Is he about to deepthroat the mic?

Is he about to deepthroat the mic?

“Islam presents polygamy or having a [sic] more than one wife as a solution to certain questions that can never be answered except in this way.”

Yep, Ireland has Muslims too. And yep, they’re just as crazy as they are everywhere else. Unlike the rest of the nation, however, they’re quite a bit less inebriated and significantly less gifted in terms of fashion sense. Recently, Egyptian-born Muslim Ali Selim, former general secretary of Ireland’s Council of Imams, made a demand of Ireland’s Catholic primary schools that would seem absurd to most – but he has the backing of many fellow Muslims and of course, leftist appeasers.

Selim asked Catholic schoolmasters to allow Muslim female students to wear the traditional Islamic headbag. “Although there is no legal ban on the hijab in Irish schools, wearing the headscarf is a divine obligation for Muslim girls,” he said. “I urge schools to be more flexible about incorporating it as part of their uniform. In today’s society we need to apply a more pluralistic approach when it comes to the school uniform.” First workplace dress code, now school uniforms? Parallel systems or standards in the same space do not work. Separate but equal is not equal. If Irish Muslims cannot conform to the reasonable expectations of the civilized society in which they live, perhaps they should find someplace that better suits their values. Even in Dublin, there are already two specifically Muslim primary schools; if wearing a headbag is such a big concern, then parents could send their children to one of those establishments.

Selim also called upon primary schools to remove religious symbolism from schools crests and the like. Religion is deeply rooted in Ireland’s history (though not always positively), and to remove religious symbolism from religious establishments to satisfy the demands of an invading religious group seems like the idiotic kind of appeasement only a liberal could get behind.

Not able to find the slightest bit of common ground with the western way of life, Selim demanded more accommodation, calling for a “revolution of inclusivity” in Irish schools. Wait, what was that word? Inclusivity? Then why not be OK with other religions’ symbols? Oh wait, he’s a Muslim, and Islam is unable to fit into that idiotic “Coexist” bumper sticker your annoying left-leaning coworker still stubbornly believes is plausible.

Selim also asked for schools to “employ a female PE teacher and provide students with a sports hall not accessible to men during times when girls are at play.” Really? It’s like he’s treating most men as though they have the pedophilic urges of Muhammad, pigs be upon him, who married a 6-year-old. “[Girls] should also not be visible to men while at play.” Sorry, Selim, but we in the west don’t view little girls as sex objects. I know followers of your religion do (the grooming gangs have made that all too clear), but the pedo crap is one of many reasons why Islam and the west will never be able to exist side by side.

In the past, Selim has called for sharia law to be implemented in Ireland in the case of a Muslim majority. Hmm, that doesn’t sound like he’s admitting what Islam’s eventual goal is at all… Recently, Selim defended sharia on Facebook, writing “The adroitly manipulated exposure to the imagery of a whip cracking on a naked back and a veil enshrouding a woman’s face has led many to believe that the sharia, the divine code of Muslim conduct, is in essence no more than a collection of values and practices primitive, uncivilized and barbaric.” Those things ARE part of sharia, and to try to speak duplicitously and weave words around the problem does not remedy it. “What to a Muslim is the object of his longing and exertion of sincere efforts has been very subtly projected as a relic from the dark ages which enslaves women and by means of chastisement inflects severe and degrading inhuman punishments on criminals.” Uhh, yes, hudud (sharia punishments) are cruel and unusual. Sharia values the testimony of a woman as equal to half that of a man. These are documented facts. Denial or trying to play spin doctor doesn’t change that; the true nature of sharia can be readily observed wherever it has been implemented, almost always with a long trail of blood.

“In the West emerged a phalanx of writers and media people claiming that unless Islam is ready to relent on these and other Islamic legal provisions of the sharia the chance of Muslims’ accommodation and integration is very slim and alternatively it will be a perpetual rejection of Islam and a an utter isolation of Muslims,” Selim continued. “This racial remark unveils deeply rooted hatred and the expression thereof, under the guise of freedom of expression, incites hatred.” Racial?! How is Muslim a race?! Since when does ascribing to a seventh-century set of barbaric values and banging your head on the ground five times a day affect one’s racial identity?! Islam is a religion, not a race, and it’s about time those left of center recognized that. Also, note Selim’s use of the word “accommodation.” Yep, asking for more cultural concessions from the west. He threw the word “integration” in there to try to make idiots believe Islam has any intention of fitting into our western secular society, which it does not. It never has and never will.

Selim has also claimed that there was a conspiracy surrounding 9/11, and also the July 2006 bombings. In fact, he went so far as to say there was no evidence that the July bombings were even perpetrated by Muslims. Uhh, tell that to the investigators. Tell that to everyone who interviewed suspects’ family members. Tell that to Samantha Lewthwaite, whose husband blew himself up that day. That’d really piss her off, telling her that her husband wasn’t getting his dick wet for eternity just to save face for the vile religion that motivated the jihad attack.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #593: Ali Selim

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  2. If these Muslims who mostly live off the working, producing, educated segment of society cannot respect that another religion has played a huge part of the very society that now feeds, houses, provides health care, dental work for free to them – and yet that still isn’t good enough. Your Christian-ness is still sooooooooooo fucking offensive to them as they rob you blind. You must capitulate so the leeches of society are not offended. Do not call them followers of Islam, Muslims, Arabs, Pakistani, you must ID them with Asians, a completely different race so that Muslims don’t feel picked on when ID’d publicly for their criminal behaviors.
    Honestly Europe will end up being a war zone in 20 years, Syria will seem like a walk in the park to the non Muslims.

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