Your Daily Muslim #596: Mohammed Junaid Thorne

Mohammed Junaid Thorne wearing a picnic blanket

Mohammed Junaid Thorne wearing a picnic blanket

“Show your might against the kuffar (infidels) and be merciful towards each other.”

Today, more than 600 officers in Ausfailia conducted raids against Muslims suspected of involvement in a terror cell. The cell was planning to kidnap random Ausfailians, behead them, and upload videos of the crimes to social media. The raids happened at dawn, and now the Aussie Muslim community couldn’t be more pissed. Perth Islamic preacher/scholar Mohammed Junaid Thorne was quick to condemn the police action.

Why would he oppose raids against terror suspects planning on beheading people if he is a follower of the religion of peace? Because, well, his religion isn’t exactly peaceful, and neither is he. Thorne took to Facebook to blast the raids: “Once again, we wake up to the sad news of our innocent Muslim brothers being arrested by the Australian authorities, their families being terrorized, their houses being raided, their freedoms being confiscated, their rights abused… We moved from the Arab countries back to the West, lured by the fake impression of freedom, deceived by the false image and propaganda they promote about human rights and individual freedom, only to get surprised that these countries are now becoming worse than most Arab countries back in the medieval days.” Uhh, are you shitting me? Worse than medieval Middle Eastern countries? For one, Ausfailia, problem-ridden as it may be, doesn’t execute gays for being gay. It doesn’t flog people for the so-called “crime” of adultery. And drinking, a fun pastime, is seen as such instead of a physically-punishable offense. Perhaps the “right” to be a crazed seventh-century jihadist is being infringed upon a bit, but that’s only because the rest of society would prefer to keep their heads attached.

Thorne’s rant continued, “…we are all vulnerable to the threat of being ‘arrested’ or ‘raided’ simply for being a Muslim.” No, you are vulnerable to the threat for posting extremist material online, having numerous ties to extremists, or being directly implicated in jihadist activity, which the majority of today’s raid recipients were. The PC left wing would have a field day if being Muslim was all it took for the police to come barging into a private residence.

Thorne then went into full-fledged foam mode. “THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT ALONG WITH ITS AUTHORITIES ARE CLEARLY ATTACKING ISLAM AND MUSLIMS!!” No, they are attacking violent crime. Crime which just so happens to be inspired by the violent religion of Islam. Don’t want to be investigated for involvement in violent crime? Stop hanging around violent Muslims and going to extremist mosques. Stop preaching hate. Stop spreading jihadist material online and in the streets. It really isn’t that difficult to integrate into western society; all we ask is that you surrender your jihad and act like a civilized human being.

“The Australian government want to destroy Islam by any means, and they know that they can’t do so by attacking it directly, so they resort to closing down Islamic centres, raiding Muslim houses, arresting active Muslim youth and preachers, intimidating Muslims, cancelling their passports, restricting their freedom, enforcing policies that aim to dividing the Muslim community, and creating a vibe of fear within the Australian community to make them afraid of Muslims, and therefore, they will face no opposition when it comes to passing these new terror laws or arresting innocent Muslims.” The real reason people are afraid of Muslims is because Muslims want to chop their heads off. Qur. 47:4 and 8:12 made that painfully clear, as have the recent actions of the Islamic State terror group.

Thorne wasn’t finished identifying himself as a force of anti-Ausfailian sentiment. “The Australian government is practising institutional terrorism. Its authorities are the real terrorists.” Oh really? Tell me, were Ausfailian authorities the ones plotting to behead innocent people and upload videos of it to strike fear into the hearts of the general populace? Do the authorities down under follow a prophet who is quoted as saying, “I have been made victorious through terror”? Not so much. Those are all Muslim things. Thorne’s rant then got violent, just like Islamic rambling always gets. “We ask Allah to destroy those who plot against us, and to keep their harm away from us. Ya Allah look after your obedient servants and protect them from the harm of this government. Ya Allah this government and its authorities have felt safe from your punishment and therefore unleashed their wrath against the innocent harmless Muslims, O Allah so please deal with them according to your justice, and substitute them with others who are less harmful to your religion and its followers.”

Innocent harmless Muslims. Now THAT is an oxymoron if I ever heard one. As for asking Allah to destroy the Aussie government, that won’t cause you to get raided… ever… does Thorne not realize that his extremist frothing and the like is what leads to suspicion and raids?

In addition to ranting on Facebook, Thorne is also active in his local dawah (Islamic evangelism) scene and frequently performs “cleansing” sessions. A believer in jinns, invisible poop-eating spirits that can allegedly possess people according to the Qur’an, Thorne and one of his fellow Muslims recently claimed they were “able to heal quite a few black magic cases” in Sydney. Black magic? What is this, Charmed? Harry Potter? Anyone living in reality would refer those suffering from mental health difficulties to a psychiatrist, not chant some seventh-century pseudoscience at them and call it good.

Thorne has reportedly gone on speaking tours with radical Islamist group Millatu Ibrahim, and has been photographed with numerous other Muslims holding up Islamic State (ISIS) flags. He is cited as having mockingly written, “They [governments] don’t mind you reading the Qur’an… but once you start implementing [it]… that’s when you become DANGEROUS!!!” Well, you know, there’s the hole hand-cutting of thieves thing, the whole beheading the infidel thing, and let’s not forget the sanctioned beating of women. So, yeah, Thorne is right – implementing the Qur’an DOES make you dangerous. He just wants us to think otherwise.

Thorne’s Twitteer is mostly in Arabic, including numerous retweeted messages from jihadist clerics. He also frequently shares images of mujahideen in Syria, likely from the Islamic State terror group. How he can claim his religion is “harmless” and that he doesn’t support terrorism is completely astounding.

15 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #596: Mohammed Junaid Thorne

  1. An excellent & timely choice for YDM.

  2. I always say muslims make the best satirists, even if it is unintentional.

  3. More and more converts to islam are popping up in the news. Do you have a record of converts or do you know of any studies that have been done about them and their obvious lust for blood?

  4. I think I’ve got your next YDM already wrapped up. a Saudi woman with a known medical condition was arrested for driving herself to the hospital ER.

  5. Once they were caught, they went to playing the victim. How typical.

  6. That has to be the absolute number one worst attempt at a beard that I have ever seen on YDM. Pathetic and an absolute disgrace to mooslims worldwide. Is it any wonder then that he has extreme anger issues. I believe he is suffering from an acute form of F.F.E. – “Facial Follicle Envy”.

  7. Islam is a piece of shit, no doubt about it. “Ausfailia” though… really? What are we, 12 (or an adult muslim)?

  8. You notice how Mo Thorne IS NOT packing up and moving back to whatever sh*t hole country he or his family came from? This is what we in the west can’t stand, you don’t like us, or our country and yet you refuse to leave to your home world of crap. Stop bitching, adjust, blend in or leave, obey the laws, contribute to society in the country you emigrated to or go home. We won’t miss you and you can pray to what ever looney wiener God you choose to, you know since all peaceful muslims seem to want to kill each other as much as non muslims, dirty hypocrites.

  9. […] And how did the “sheikh” express his gratitude? By screaming “Islamophobia” over a series of raids carried out against terror suspects earlier this year. According to Your Daily Muslim: […]

  10. Thorne is righteous. You will all see.

  11. Following the cowardly attack in Paris and this a/hole’s support for the massacre–I hope the French have more drive than Obama(coward) and bomb the shit out of those responsible–should their families suffer? so what they don’t give a s—t about other families and use religion as an excuse for their maniac actions.

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