Your Daily Muslim #598: Mohammad Ali Baryalei

He's doing the trademark Muslim finger point wrong

He’s doing the trademark Muslim finger point wrong

Australia Week 2014 on YDM continues! Today’s Muslim is Mohammad Ali Baryalei, who is believed to be one of Australia’s most senior Islamic State supporters. Considering that he doesn’t look a day above 35, he’s either got a damn good plastic surgeon, or most Islamic State supporters don’t tend to live that long. Judging by their tendency to go for 72 virgins, I’m gonna guess it’s the latter.

Baryalei’s early adulthood was rife with abuse. An Afghan refugee, he found he enjoyed what many refer to as “skiing” (read: trips with white powder) and worked at a brothel after being kicked out of his house by his abusive father, who also beat his mother. Some have also suggested Baryalei had a history of mental illness, making Islam the perfect religion for him – only an insane person could believe in pseudoscientific garbage like jinns and Buraq the flying donkey. He met a model and began a relationship with her, before losing his job and becoming suicidal. Instead of going for 72 virgins, he reconnected with his faith and became more devout. He married the model, whom he coerced into converting to Islam and wearing the traditional Islamic headbag under threat of leaving her.

Baryalei became active in Islamic evangelist group Sydney Street Dawah, of which Islamic State terrorist Abdul Salam Mahmoud was also a member. Instead of hanging out with gangsters, hookers, and drug lords, Baryalei began associating with a different type of criminal – terror plotters.

In 2013, Baryalei traveled to Syria to fight with terror group Jabhat al-Nusra, but defected to the Islamic State terror group. However, he discovered his true talent was in recruitment, having convinced Amira Karroum and her husband, as well as the husband of Fatima Elomar, to travel overseas to wage jihad with the Islamic State. He then returned to Australia to continue his war against the infidel. He now had numerous connections he made over social media during his tenure with the Islamic State, and a savage idea was conceived between them.

The plot they hatched was sinister – kidnap “a random kafir (infidel)” and behead them, and upload a video of the act onto social media to strike fear into the hearts of Australians. To quote Muhammad, pigs be upon him, “I have been made victorious through terror.” Following an example like that, it’s not difficult to figure out how Baryalei and his BFFs turned out the way they did.

Baryalei’s co-conspirators were captured during a massive terror sweep which saw more than 800 officers raiding homes (of Muslims) and arresting those involved in the beheading plot. Some of those arrested had balaclavas, machetes, and military gear which they would use in the jihad attack.

It was discovered Baryalei had recorded a video in which he asked for Allah to make him a shaheed (martyr.) He also said, “Our purpose is to better the community because where we are living, the community is not good.” And, uhh, how is beheading a random person going to make your community better? What would really improve the area would be for all the mujahideen to leave and never come back. “There’s landmines all around us, and what are the landmines? Pornography, alcohol, drugs, prostitution, brothels, girls… violence, crime…” And quite possibly some real landmines too, thanks to Muslims. Also, alcohol, pornography, drugs, and sex are not land mines. They are recreational and can be harmless if consumed responsibly and in moderation. However, Islam doesn’t have the best track record with responsibility, or moderation for that matter.

Baryalei’s whereabouts are unknown. There are numerous conflicting reports.

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #598: Mohammad Ali Baryalei

  1. What a brain dead POS. A candidate for Rule #303 <:o)

  2. Sadly Baryalei is not behind bars (steel not Public!), the C*NT is hiding out in Syria/Iraq

  3. […] Mohammad Ali Baryalei – Australian Muslim who traveled to Syria to wage jihad with the Islamic State and recruited many to join him. He later returned to Australia and masterminded a plot to kidnap “a random kafir (infidel),” behead them, and upload a video of the crime onto social media to strike fear into the infidel community. […]

  4. thankfully, he finally accomplished one good act in his life. he died. a totally useless individual.

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