Your Daily Muslim #602: Shamim Khan

Shamim Khan

Shamim Khan

The YDM Facebook page rarely attracts foamers aside from the perennial fog of gnats like Sabreena Sadaf. However, the page recently drew the ire of Indian Muslim Shamim Khan, who launched into a TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) diatribe against the page and anyone who criticizes Islam. The lack of death threats was honestly quite refreshing.

Note how he implies that liberal Muslims are not real Muslims. In other words, to be a true Muslim, your values cannot align with those of the west.

Note how he implies that liberal Muslims are not real Muslims. In other words, to be a true Muslim, your values cannot align with those of the west.

I looked at Khan’s Facebook and his beliefs are far from sane (typical of Muslims.) Take, for example, how he believes one should drink water per the sunnah of Muhammad, pigs be upon him:

...and you thought other religions were weird.

…and you thought other religions were weird.

Now, we see his beliefs on certain kinds of ice cream. OH NOES, PIG FAT… what he should really be concerned about is the processed sugar and possible trans fat content. That shit will get you fat. Who cares if something is forbidden by arcane rules from the 7th century? The fact that our civilized society entertains such nonsense and even respects it is beyond me.


Here, we see him asking Allah to give Muslims the strength to walk over infidels. How peaceful. Also, not entertaining the pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo of Islam does not make one a hater of Islam, it simply makes one a believer in reality instead of ancient fiction.


Without even checking to see whether or not the assertion in the next image he shared was accurate, Khan felt compelled to share this message accusing Jews of masterminding sites exposing the numerous flaws in the Qur’an. A Muslim making up a vast Jewish conspiracy? Never heard that one before…


2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #602: Shamim Khan

  1. Do they even make sense to themselves? I keep seeing that sentiment lately – “the ones who bash Muslims for violence are as bad themselves.”

    Because calling out and complaining about violent acts is the same thing as committing violent acts?

    Uh, not to sane people.

    Keep up the good work – love your site.

  2. Magnum Ice Cream is ALL AMERICAN Baby! Not Thai. We don’t use lard in our Ice Creams – we use dairy. They eat goat heads and entrails and yet are sqeeeeeemish as hell about shit that isn’t half as disgusting as their usual meal. Anyway, I applaud this Muslim because he does have manners and seems far less insane than most of them. Good for him, but his entire life must be consumed by drinking 8 full glasses of water a day, praying 6 times a day, washing up 6 times a day (why do most of them smell is my very real question with all this bathing?) I don’t know how he has time to do very much after the very complicated drinking and cleansing rituals he has. And yet he’s concerned about Ice cream. I will never understand these people.

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