Your Daily Muslim #603: Alton Alexander Nolen

Alton Alexander Nolen

Alton Alexander Nolen, also known as Jah’keem Yisrael

Oklahoma man Alton Alexander Nolen had a troubled past and a history of arrest. He was experiencing difficulty at his place of employment, and felt a life change was in order. What did he do? He converted to Islam, got a misspelled tattoo of the Arabic phrase for “peace be upon you” on his stomach, and spent a lot of time studying the Qur’an. This meant openly refusing to celebrate western holidays, making bizarre accusations against Catholics, and writing Islamist messages on Facebook like “SHARIA LAW IS COMING!!!!” accompanied by images of Chechen and Islamic State mujahideen.

At work, Nolen’s performance continued to be subpar. However, that didn’t deter the convert from trying his best to be a da’ee (Islamic evangelist) and spread the message of Islam. Nolen lived in the deeply Christian state of Oklahoma, so his dawah was not gonna be well-received from the get-go. Perhaps the whole supporting terrorism thing turned people off as well. Of course, Nolen got to passages like Qur. 8:12 during his studies and felt compelled to act.

After being fired from his job for arguing in favor of the sharia practice of stoning women, Nolen turned to his faith and decided to answer the call of jihad. This meant beheading a 54-year-old woman and stabbing another in the supermarket where he was fired from. Nolen was non-lethally shot by an off-duty officer, ending his attempt at a jihad rampage.

Nolen’s actions were likely inspired by the Islamic State terror group, with whom his internet history made it appear he aligned. That terror group routinely carries out beheadings, and I’m guessing Nolen’s actions were his attempt to mimic their brand of Islamic peace.

Here are some more screencaps from Nolen’s Facebook. This is what happens to the human mind when it embraces Islam.


Nolen is critical of Muslimahs who choose to dress in western ways. I wonder where he learned this… no way could it have been at his mosque. Mosques always teach peace, love, and tolerance! Especially when the mosque’s imam called for counterjihad movement leader Pamela Geller to be jailed. Nolen could not possibly have learned such intolerance of freedom at said mosque…


I have no idea why Islam is so anti-fun. Like, really, if you want to follow a religion, why not choose one that promotes happiness, respect, and mutual well-being for all of humanity? Why choose the one that calls upon its followers to strike off the heads and fingertips of the kuffar?

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #603: Alton Alexander Nolen

  1. Another crazy sand monkey in OK is getting ready to follow the example of the first one. It’s about time we seriously consider what we need to do with these people.

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