Your Daily Muslim #604: Fatima el-Arja



Many Muslims only believe stories that fit their narrative, veracity be damned. When no such story is present, they concoct one, and try to convince others of the “validity” of their absurd thoughts. Australian Muslimah Fatima el-Arja, whose Facebook indicates she is of Lebanese background, appears to have fallen into this mental trap based on her recent comments. After the jihad attack perpetrated by Abdul Numan Haider (599) against two Australian police officers, el-Arja stood up for her brother in Islam on Facebook:


Note the lack of any real evidence she provides to back up her claim. The “hatred comments” (sic) are really just pissed-off Australians who are waking up to the very real threat that is militant Islam. Instead of condemning the jihad attack, el-Arja instead goes after those criticizing it.

As for el-Arja’s views on the media, whom she accuses of trying to spread Islamophobia, this next comment she made about a video of a TV news crew should say it all:


el-Arja also fails to recognize the brazenness of mujahideen, or the fact that they seek death, as evidenced in this next screenshot. It is quite possible Haider was trying to commit suicide by cop in an attempt to attain 72 virgins in jannat al-firdaus.


The old “Aboriginals” argument again… the nation of Australia as it is known today was founded by criminals who were shipped there and managed to build a thriving nation. Their legacy deserves to remain intact. Also, by el-Arja’s logic, shouldn’t the Jews retain control of Israel? *crickets*

Here, el-Arja is engaging in taqiyya, or deception, claiming “Islam means peace”. The meaning of the word is far closer to “submission” than “peace,” and surely a devout Muslimah like el-Arja knows that. Behold unadulterated taqiyya:


el-Arja has also shared videos on Facebook opposing Australia’s tough new terror laws. Why wouldn’t a law-abiding citizen want to crack down on terrorists? It is highly unlikely the laws are anywhere near as egregious as the Patriot Act, and considering the recent surge of violence from the religion of peace, strong countermeasures are unfortunately necessary.

It makes you wonder: whose side is she really on? Whose side are Muslims really on? As more and more mujahideen come out of the woodwork, we will all be forced to ask and answer those tough questions.

7 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #604: Fatima el-Arja

  1. Yep I can see a journalistic error already. That the media will fuel hatred against Muslims. Don’t need to the public here already hate Muslims. All the media is doing is validating that hate every day.

  2. I asked a question however; no one seems to of answered it? :o(

  3. this thing is a joke , I just love how she thoughs the word racist around , the word is so over used by muslims, oh an to which race are we being racist to, bet u cant answer, muslims always whinging abt something

  4. This is what I would like to know: Why do they have endless energy for attacking those who point out the failings and violence of Islam, and zero energy for speaking out against the violence and encouraging their brothers and sisters in the faith to abstain from violence? Is it just because it’s fully condoned by their religion, and liberal Muslims are deceiving themselves? Are they too scared of being branded as apostates by their communities, who are commanded to kill for leaving the faith? Or do they just really enjoy the violence and the deception?

  5. what perhaps Muslim don’t understand is that. Religions wash the brain of people because what learned in the first years is very difficult to find out is fake. So for Islam, so for Christians and for all the religions. But seeing from outside people who pretend to change the belief of the other who find normal marry very young girls, who think that in a trial a witness male has more value of that of a female, who are so bestial to cut hands and heads and trust in an avenger God. A God to whom it is possible to ask an evidence of His power it is quite enough to consider that people very very dangerous
    absolutely stupid and not completely human. We must remember that my ancestors
    in Rome did not do these thing two thousand years ago.

  6. So even this deluded fool thinks islam is a race

  7. Islam is a vicious religion, beaten into children, using fear and violence to indoctrinate from early childhood. Why would anyone living in the West object to harsh terrorism laws unless they were terrorists, or associated with terrorists and sympathized with them? For an “born and bred” Australian she’s horribly educated and can barely write a cogent thought. I say she’s of non native parents and mostly speaks her own language, not English as a “born and bred” Australian would, meaning she’s unemployable and will shortly be squeezing out 12 children on the dole, raising them to become human bombs in the future.

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