2 comments on “el-arja3

  1. Why do muslims kill people so much; what is the aim?

  2. Read your Koran, pedophilia, stoning, 9 year olds marrying old men, women treated as second class citizens, you are all brainwashed since birth, I wouldn’t want my husband to have a few wives. Christianity, might of treated women bad in the Old Testament but your mohamid arrived in our New Testament. I know a few muslems who would not marry muslem men, but marry Christian men because they are treated well. I do not blame them. Open your eyes we have equality you do not. I agree, our women dress immodestly sometimes. I agree the drinking is bad, but, but we have free will. I choose to dress modestly and only have a glass red wine a couple of times a year. God is the only Judge. Humans can judge the act but not the person, only God can do that. Pedophilia is punishable by law, and it is a disgusting crime, but it is allowed in Islam, innocent little children not allowed to be children and choose who and when they want to marry. If you really read the Koran with an open mind, I know you would convert. Look at all the innocent women who have committed suicide and been killed by family members because they dare to fall in love with an infidel, forced to marry you the women have really got the power, you could change everything for yourselves. Do not be afraid. Why do you cover up while your men perve, yes I mean perve at every woman that walks by. I have seen it for myself and it makes me sick. I don’t say that some Christian men don’t do it, it makes me sick as well. Their eyes should be for their wives only. There is nothing wrong with looking at a gorgeous man or woman, it is what is in your mind that makes it wrong and it is not the woman’s fault, everyone chooses to think good or badly. Your men do not take responsibility they blame it on the woman. The woman made me rape etc. what a lot of hogwash. We are responsible for our own actions and thoughts.

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