Your Daily Muslim #605: Abdullah el-Faisal

Abdullah el-Faisal holding a seventh-century child-porn fairytale

Abdullah el-Faisal holding a seventh-century child-porn fairytale

“We believe in the bullet, not the ballot.”

Jamaican-born Muslim convert Abdullah el-Faisal is one of the craziest clerics featured on this site to date. Born Trevor William Forrest (apparently Jamaicans only have first names), he converted to Islam during his adolescent years and grew more and more devout as time passed.

el-Faisal studied Islam at a Saudi university before getting married, then taking a second wife who lived in the UK so he could get resident status. His preaching did not sit well with certain mosques, though he gained a small following for whom he recorded taped lectures. His following grew over time, and he began to refer to himself as a sheikh due to his extensive study of Islam. Of course, said lectures were full of rainbows, unicorns and peace, and totally didn’t contain calls for Muslim mothers to raise their sons to be mujahideen by the time they turn 15. Oh wait, they did.

el-Faisal was arrested in 2002 for his pro-jihad lecturing and his admitted support of al Qaeda and its former leader, sheikh Osama bin Laden. I wonder why he was arrested, with peaceful, interfaith-dialogue-promoting quotes like “Those who want to go to jannah (Islamic heaven), it’s easy, just kill a kafir (infidel)… by killing that kafir, you have purchased your ticket to paradise.” Oh, and let’s not forget this classic, “People with British passports, if you fly into Israel, it is easy. Fly into Israel and do whatever you can. If you die, you are up in paradise. How do you fight a Jew? You kill a Jew. In the case of Hindus, by bombing their businesses.” Religion of peace, folks. This is someone who spent his life studying the teachings of Islam, and look what he is preaching. Is he asking for harmonious coexistence like the liberals think Muslims want? Not so much.

“Is it sensible for you to be a soldier and you don’t know how to shoot a Kalashnikov?” el-Faisal asked in a lecture. Perhaps he should have contemplated the difficulty of getting a Magic Muslim Peace Sprayer™ of any variety into a civilian’s hands in the UK before asking his flock such a question. He was putting ideas of unreachable goals in their poor, brain-damaged (that’s what happens when you bang your head on the ground five times a day) heads.

Speaking of el-Faisal’s hatred of Hindus, he also reportedly stated, “So you go to India, and if you see a Hindu walking down the road you are allowed to kill him and take his money, is that clear?” Muhammad (pigs be upon him) authorized his followers to raid villages and claim the spoils; what el-Faisal is preaching aligns with the actions of Islam’s most beloved prophet. It is not a fringe (mis)interpretation, as leftist appeasers and many lying Muslims would claim. Here’s one of el-Faisal’s recent tweets which sums up his thoughts on the Hindu religion:

Is it just me, or does his phrasing "black erected penis" seem a little... uhh... conspicuously graphic?

Is it just me, or does his phrasing “black erected penis” seem a little… uhh… conspicuously graphic?

el-Faisal was the first Muslim cleric to be tried in the UK and was convicted of three charges of soliciting the murder of Jews, Americans, Hindus, and Christians and two charges of using threatening words to stir up racial hatred. He was sentenced to nine years prison dawah for his crimes, though he was deported back to Jamaica after four. Since then, he has managed to incite fatal riots in Kenya, train terrorists in Botswana, and make a complete ass of himself on Twitter. Let’s take a look!


“[F]ake Muslims who don’t want Islam”? I’m assuming by this he’s referring to the munafiqeen (hypocrites), who profess Islam but are secretly kuffar (infidels.) If such is the case, why is he singling them out as the ones being punished by the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group? The entire world is being victimized by it, as its devotees have started carrying out lone-wolf jihad attacks in recent weeks. However, contrary to el-Faisal’s thinking, the wrath of ISIS mujahideen is not from Allah seeing as the invisible sky-demon Allah is not real.

As for el-Faisal’s critique of Darwinism, I’m just going to say he’s the one who bases his worldview around a 7th-century fairytale that lacks any scientific basis. For him to suggest rational people need mental help is irony at its finest. However, Darwinists aren’t the only ones el-Faisal believes are in need of white padded walls:



So because Christians follow the commands of Jesus to love humanity and turn the other cheek, their love for Jesus is fake? Am I missing something here? el-Faisal’s “logic” is sorely lacking.

Of course, no YDM piece is complete without a dose of Islamic anti-Semitism. Stealing a line from countless other mad Muslims before him, el-Faisal tweeted:


You mean Muslims commit genocide, then play the race card to defend themselves. Numerous examples of Islamic genocide come to mind (Kurds, Alawites, Yazidis…), however, their “defense” is invalid – Islam is a religion, not a race.

Aside from all those instances of hatred, el-Faisal has come out as being an even worse human being than you already think he is. He has criticized democracy, calling it a form of shirk, the greatest sin in Islam. He has also suggested that the Islamic State terror group may have been prophesied in the Hadith. I know Jamaica has numerous fine herbal products, but I didn’t think any of them could cause warped thinking to the extreme el-Faisal demonstrates.

In addition to displaying his idiocy in a semi-constant fashion in 140 characters or less, el-Faisal also runs the Authentic Tauheed website. (Tauheed/Tawheed is the concept of monotheism in Islam.) On the site, he advocates for the release of numerous imprisoned jihadists and spews the same kind of bile as in the screenshots. One of the first lines on one of the site’s pages states the explicit truth about Islam so few are willing to admit: “Islam does not mean peace”.

“Jews and Christians… are known by all as enemies,” el-Faisal wrote on his site. Oh really? I’m pretty sure if you asked a random follower of any other religion to name one religion that was their faith’s enemy, they’d probably name Islam instead of Judaism or Christianity. You know, that might have something to do with the jihad and beheadings… but no, Jews and Christians are *totally* the enemy. If you couldn’t tell, I’m rolling my eyes right now. “One must hate Shaytaan, disbelievers (kuffar), and those who fight against Islam and Muslims. One must also love those acts Allah loves and hate all the prohibited acts that Allah despises (drinking alcohol, drugs, free-mixing between men and women, music, riba (interest), swearing)[.]” Hey, liberals, are you second-guessing your precious “Coexist” bumper sticker yet?

Now, this next part might disgust you a bit. In one of el-Faisal’s lectures on his website, he went into detail about a certain form of halal (permissible in Islam) incest, saying that it is halal (and “not uncommon” in Muslim countries) to marry one’s first cousin. Eww. He went on, “[I]n the west, STDs cause children of 1st cousin marriages to have deformities[.]” No, that’s just what happens when you inbreed. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out, it just takes people not being idiots. I guess that’s too much to ask of Muslims.

On the subject of western values including LGBT acceptance being allegedly forced upon Muslims in France, el-Faisal wrote, “Europe is Sodom and Gomorrah.” Uhh, no, those were ancient cities near the Dead Sea. Not exactly France. “They [the French] see the prostitute as a good woman and leave her to be free, but they arrest the Muslim women (sic) who is wearing the clothing of taqwa (god-consciousness).” Maybe because the French take their culture and safety seriously and don’t want a bunch of bank robbers- I mean, ninjas- I mean, perfectly integrated Muslim women who totally fit into western society.

The psychotic sheikh continued, “Turkey apostated by changing Turkish law to accept homosexuality, they gave up Islamic values to accept Satanic values!” Turkey is a nominally secular nation (but likely not for long, considering its recent trend toward Islamism.) For a secular system to not accept homosexuality would not make sense.

What’s el-Faisal’s proposed solution to this alleged madness? “The solution is to topple the apostate regimes and implement the sharia. There are over 150 Muslims countries today!” I imagine that figure is similar to Barack Hussein Obama’s 57 states, though slightly more exaggerated.

Seriously, if you have the time and the willpower to sift through tomes upon tomes of crazy, check out the transcripts of el-Faisal’s lectures. Therein you will find everything ranging from jinns to wild accusations of racism to calls for jihad. Consider it a sneak preview of the inevitable part 2 on this raging idiot.

8 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #605: Abdullah el-Faisal

  1. I think we need an anti-coexist pamphlet to leave on window shields of the morons that explains the real situation.

    Have you seen the version of the coexist logo located at the bottom of thereligionofpeace.com? It has all the other religions running away from Islam… That would be the perfect cover.

  2. This the classical example of “a donkey/elephant talkging about big ears”

    A mentally ill individual suffering from the mental disorder known as islam, talking about about a different belief sytem while labelling it as a mental dicease and it’s followers as mentally ill.

    Look at who is talking. A delusional pos who thinks there are 72 virgins and little boys awaiting for him when he dies, in a celestial brothel run by the invisible sky demon and his psychotic slave, so he can have an eternity of debauchery with orgies from dawn to dusk.

    Satan must be proud of followers like him.

    Islam is a magnet for psychopaths, nutjobs and degenerates. This guy is a living proof

  3. You are wrong. allah does exist. it is alive in the warped mind of his psychopathic followers.

  4. Even it’s own teachings contradict one another, it’s just a religion of a crazy goat herder who had fits in a cave and managed to fool and terrorize nations – every Islamic country is backward and filled with poverty, violence and perversion.

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  6. Yourself you ar crazy.islam will domenat this world.jews and cristians should be kill .becouse of their fitnah and Allah exist.Allahu akbar

  7. Such people have made a life ddifficult for majority muslims all over the world.

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