Your Daily Muslim #606: Anna el-Hawli

Anna el-Hawli

Anna el-Hawli is a huge hypocrite for wearing all that makeup…

Ausfailian Muslimah Anna el-Hawli really should change her Facebook privacy settings. Right now, she’s putting an image out there that might cause her to end up on a terror watch list…


It starts off alright, but then the typical Islamic anti-Semitism emerges. Oh, and let’s not forget the overt support of jihadists. I mean, come on, the woman is living in Australia and complained when the counterjihad group Australian Defence League made her Facebook “famous” for her crazy posts? Maybe she shouldn’t make public posts like that in the first place if she doesn’t want others to engage with them!

Here’s some more anti-Semitism – el-Hawli blamed Jews for an alleged incident of Islamophobia she dealt with:


How does she know they were Jews? Did she mention the suspects’ religious attire or grooming? Nope, but she’s still more than willing to call the men “stupid Jews” without any reasoning behind her allegation. I’ve totally never seen a Muslim do that before…


Here’s el-Hawli’s Facebook cover photo. Note the Magic Muslim Peace Sprayers™:


el-Hawli also plans on wearing the niqab, or traditional Islamic ninja costume, in the near future. Apparently she decided that showing her face entailed too much immodesty. I mean, what can you do when dealing with people who have such baseless and fear-based beliefs? Like, is the almighty creator of the universe who created women without a cover really going to smite you for not being covered? Does that make ANY sense? …didn’t think so.


She also thinks it’s haram (forbidden) to make herself look attractive to prospective mates. Evolution fail.


And now, here’s the most absurd piece of it all: her thoughts on her hair. Maybe she should shave her head to prevent men from sinning.


13 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #606: Anna el-Hawli

  1. This is what happens to women when your “religion” is founded by a perverted old man who’s into paedophilia. The men can quite literally get away with murder, but a woman deserves to be stoned to death for trying to have an opinion of their own. The world would be a much better place if someone went back in time and erased Mohammed from history.

    • It’s not racist .Islam isn’t a race its a cult of death,sexual deviance, hate and murder. Bigotry against a murderous cult …yes.. but your cult is much worse with their bigotry against all non-islamist . Allah is satan,and you are just another little pawn of satan.

  2. This has to be the biggest hypocrite that I have ever encountered. She states that men looking at her hair is a sin and yet she puts makeup and lipstick on to try (without success) to make herself look attractive. So every strand of displayed hair is sinful but make up and lipstick isn’t? Yet another brain dead muslim.

  3. I can sum this Koranimalette in about 4 words “What a dumb bitch”

    Love your site…you rock!!

  4. Quick some one put her out of her misery…………..

  5. Useful idiots converts are in such abundance. They need the initmate rules for everything like they have no mind….. well, not much of one. lol

  6. Stuck in her room all the time and just repeating everything her kind father and brothers dictate. No wonder she is reaching to the outside world viaFacebook. Another sad indictment on the oppression of women in a first world country. This is the only way the Muslim males keep control. These are desperate times for the Religion of Piece (Body pieces).
    Thanks for showing her sad life.

  7. Does this subhuman really work around kids? surely the education department needs to be informed about her unhealthy comments.

  8. Well that settles it, they are all certifiably insane. (as if that’s a surprise) This is not even as bone headed as it gets. Good thing they’re oblivious to how ludicrous they sound on social networks. Entertainment for the rest of us.

  9. She wears that terrorist hoodie about I suspect she will be shot. I love how hateful their prayers to their fake prophet are. Hate hate hate, more hate, feed me feed someone hate on jews, some more hate hate hate. The end. Fucking crazy bastards.

  10. Anna El-Hawli, we all pity you. You are the outcome of hundreds of years of inbreeding and clearly can’t help it – you just don’t know any better.

  11. What a filthy swine. My apologies to all pigs

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