Your Daily Muslim #607: Ibrahim Abu Mohamed

Ibrahim Abu Mohamed

Ibrahim Abu Mohamed

“We will make the stones, trees and people of Gaza talk in order to learn steadfastness, sacrifice, and the defense of one’s rights from them.”

Sometimes there’s a Muslim I write up that I kinda feel bad about putting on here. Today’s is one of those. Sure, he’s called for peace and condemned the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group, but something about his statements just doesn’t line up. I don’t think he hates the west or wants to be a shahid (martyr), but I’m not entirely sure where his allegiances lie – and you won’t be either after you’re done reading this piece.

Australia’s counterterror laws have come under heavy criticism from Muslims. Joining the cacophony is the nation’s grand mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, a successor of Taj el-Din Hamid Hilaly. Instead of speaking up in favor of laws that protect the welfare of Australian citizens, Mohamed stood with his coreligionists in opposition to public safety measures. Mohamed and the Australian National Imams Council asked for the “advocating terrorism” clause to be removed from a bill regarding those fighting with the Islamic State terror group overseas. Why did Mohamed and the Council oppose the bill? Because it could outlaw teaching from the Qur’an.

By making that statement, Mohamed and the Council more or less admitted that the Qur’an advocates terror – if reading from it is advocating terror, that’s what’s in it. Even Muhammad, pigs be upon him, said, “I have been made victorious through terror.” Mohamed claims he supports Australia and is proud of being an Australian – but why, then, does he want “advocating terror” to remain legal? Yes, it is a legal gray area, but there would surely be oversight; the politically-correct leftists would have a field day when false accusations arose if there were no oversight. Mohamed, though personally an outspoken opponent of terror and jihad violence, wants people to be able to promote it. Are you as confused by this as I am? And then there’s that quote from the top of the article, which was stated by Mohamed during a visit to Gaza. Speaking of “sacrifice” in Gaza, land of intestine splatter-painters… conspicuous.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #607: Ibrahim Abu Mohamed

  1. I Have Use For A Link To This Particular Story, If I May

  2. His beliefs are for terrorism, as he states he wouldn’t be able to teach out of the Quran if the law was passed, so therefore, he loves Australia and wants to teach terror to overthrow it. He wants to seem acceptable so he won’t be thrown out of the country, but he wants to use terror to over throw the country. See how that works for Muslims?

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