Your Daily Muslim #608: Sabah Ali

Sabah Ali

Sabah Ali

The Islamic assault on swimming pools continues with today’s daily Muslim, Colorado Muslimah and mother Sabah Ali. When Ali tried to go to a local pool with her children, she was denied entry because her traditional Islamic attire did not follow pool guidelines. Of course, instead of complying and getting a bathing suit like a normal person, Ali saw a prime grievance-mongering opportunity.

“Why do I have to be half naked to swim? To enjoy my time with my kids?” Ali asked, bawling, likely for theatrics. “I want to have the same rights as every citizen.” Uh, you DO have the same rights as every citizen. Every other citizen complies with the swimming pool’s dress code. Your weird ninja costume is your personal choice. By wearing it, you choose to not be able to partake in certain things it prohibits you from engaging in. As for the whole “half naked” thing – get over it. There is no shame in the human body, and wearing even a one-piece wetsuit isn’t immodest in the slightest. Only a mind warped by religious fanaticism would have such a sad view of their own skin, that it is sinful to show their hair or arms to others.

“I told them I would take off the long dress, if that was their concern, and that I had clothes on underneath [a ninja suit within a ninja suit? Muslimah-ception!],” Ali said when interviewed. “But they said if they let me, everyone would ask, ‘Why did you let them and not us?'” The rule was put in place because people’s street clothes were often dirty and ruined the swimming experience. Banning them is a perfectly logical step for any pool manager. If that keeps Muslimahs out, that’s fine, the rule is not targeting them. It’s their choice to not follow the rule, plain and simple, and they have no right to claim they are being denied equal treatment when that is, in fact, exactly what they are received.

6 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #608: Sabah Ali

  1. Well what do you know? A hipster muslim. Who would have guessed…

  2. Bury in lancashire have closed the local swimming pool to enable muslims to have it all for themselves one day a week.

  3. Every Mosque should have their own swimming pool where they can do what they want. Of course the men would get first service.

  4. ““Why do I have to be half naked to swim?”
    If you feel so strongly about the muslim dress code and life style, why the hell do you come to our countries? Best thing for you to do is stay in your own arab/muslim countries and keep to your self.

  5. Way to go! Just follow the rules, it’s not hard!

  6. Build your own pool where you and your kids can drown because you are not in appropriate swimming attire, or go to the Y in Islamabad. Either way, we’re cool with it.

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