Your Daily Muslim #609: Faleh Ghazi Albasman

Faleh Ghazi Albasman.

Faleh Ghazi Albasman.

Muslims come to the west for a variety of reasons – to escape the hell of sharia, to try to push sharia on the kuffar, or to enjoy the many cultural and professional experiences available here. Faleh Ghazi Albasman, 59, a Kuwaiti Muslim, and his daughter Mashael, 24 (who was not his wife), moved to the UK to learn English and serve as her “chaperone.” She was 24 and didn’t need her father following her everywhere, but no was not an acceptable answer for a devout and overprotective Muslim like Albasman. The culture of the infidel rubbed off quickly on Mashael, who began to do such unspeakable things as talk back to her father and use a cellphone. Knowing that his daughter was staining his honor, Albasman decided to take action.

Of course, since we’re dealing with Muslims, that action meant killing his own daughter. After she had told him to “go home,” he caught her speaking to an unknown individual on a cellphone. Likely fearing she was speaking to an unrelated male or someone else of whom he did not approve, the father-of-the-year flew into the state of psychotic rage commonly known as being a Muslim and stabbed Mashael in the neck thirteen times. He has yet to realize it’s more of a stain on his honor to be a killer and a controlling helicopter parent.

During the slaying, Albasman managed to injure himself. Police found Albasman and his daughter’s bloody corpse, placed him under arrest and and took him to the hospital. Still raging and boastful of all the wrong things (like most devout Muslims), the Muslim repeatedly told an Arabic-speaking surgeon “I have finished her.” Well, he also finished his freedom, but his primitive 7th-century mind didn’t understand that the UK’s justice system isn’t like that of Pakistan or Palestine, which gives leniency to honor killers. He claimed Meshael’s actions were “inappropriate” in his culture. Despite having moved to the UK, he clearly had not left the mentality of the Islamic world behind, as is frequently seen among Muslims.

“What’s the law here in context to murder for honor?” Albasman asked the surgeon, not realizing that his warped view of “honor” bore no significance to anyone in the UK and made him look like the backward idiot he is. “I was so angry. Boiling with anger. She said to me go back. A girl should not treat good men like me, decent men in this way… I hated Mashael, how dare she talk to me in that way. I was so angry, upset and mentally low. Mashael broke my heart… by killing her [I] had preserved [my] honor.” Any religion that permits its followers to kill to preserve some manufactured, patriarchal concept of “honor” is not worthy of respect.

5 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #609: Faleh Ghazi Albasman

  1. “Any religion that permits its followers to kill to preserve some manufactured, patriarchal concept of “honor” is not worthy of respect”.
    Its NOT a religion, its a cult.

  2. He can spend the rest of his happy days in a U.K. prison with his fellow backward morons. . At taxpayers expense.

  3. While his daughter was consorting with the kufah and being lippy, did this goon spend all day at the mosque? Did he watch the devil-incarnate – movies or TV?
    Did he drive? Did he travel in a mixed gender bus?

  4. I keep wondering why all of these men are so ugly. I guess without arranged marriages to their cousin sisters they would never have sex, and we’d all be in a lot worse shape with even more rapist Muslims running the streets. Hell, it would be like Stockholm Sweden on a Saturday night everywhere in the world. These fuckers are all so ugly no woman would want them, add in the inbreeding and we have a bunch of psychotics with sexual dysfunctions running around the West. This isn’t good for any of us. Time to repatriate them all. Now.

  5. […] Faleh Ghazi Albasman – Kuwaiti Muslim who immigrated to the UK with his 24-year-old daughter. When he saw his daughter talking on a cellphone, he stabbed her to death for ruining his “honor.” […]

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