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Your Daily Muslim #611: Deby Rinaldi

Deby Rinaldi

Deby Rinaldi

Indonesia is hailed by many as a paradise of moderate Islam. However, that isn’t exactly the case. Take this next soap opera-licious case, which saw sharia hudud (punishments) being meted out for a harmless consensual act.

A 24-year-old man named Anis and a 17-year-old girl named Kiki were seen making out in a forest. Instead of telling the dude to go for someone his own age and stop perving on high-schoolers, Aceh province sharia police arrested both and discovered they were both married – to other people. Underage marriage is a known phenomenon in Indonesia, especially in heavily-Islamic/sharia-ruled provinces like Aceh.

The couple was taken into custody and charged. In court, prosecutor Deby Rinaldi made the following statement about the suspects: “Both were married to other people. The people caught them kissing each other in Aceh Besar district’s forest in October. They were yet to have sexual intercourse when they were caught. Anis’s wife, who was seven-month pregnant, was away at the time. The woman, Kiki, was already married for two years.” You know, maybe, just maybe, Muslims could stop being jealous and let people make out in public. PDA is gross, but having a 15-year-old girl get married to someone she evidently doesn’t care for is infinitely worse.

Rinaldi’s perverted jealousy of Anis for being able to make out with a 17-year-old burned hot, and he tried his damnedest to make the case for full hudud to be enforced against the couple. The judge sided with the prosecution, and the couple were each publicly lashed eight times.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim #611: Deby Rinaldi

  1. Funny, i have more sex with young married muslim women than any other group or type, im currently banging 5,yes thats right 5, and they give the best head of all!

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