Your Daily Muslim #614: Khalid al-Ghamdi

Khalid al-Ghamdi suffers from resting bitch face

Khalid al-Ghamdi suffers from resting bitch face

Recently, a group of al-Houthi Shia Muslims protested against the Yemeni government. Since Shiites are viewed as kuffar (infidels) by many Sunnis, including al Qaeda militants, there is considerable backlash against them in majority-Sunni areas. The protest began peacefully but was interrupted by an al Qaeda jihadist carrying out a martyrdom operation. Even around other Muslims, it seems mujahideen cannot control their bloodlust.

47 were killed in the explosion. Shortly thereafter, Saudi sheikh and TV host Khalid al-Ghamdi took to Twitter with some rather unsightly images of the victims’ mangled corpses. “Allahu akbar. Enjoy watching,” the sheikh tweeted, accompanying his message with a grisly image.

al-Ghamdi has posted similar things in the past, including images of decapitated Iraqi soldiers with the text, “one of the most beautiful things my eyes have seen.” Many blame him for sectarian violence in the region, but he denies involvement.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #614: Khalid al-Ghamdi

  1. That’s a pretty ugly photo of the Sheik accompanying this story, but then they all look the same to me. Sloping forehead and knuckles dragging on the ground.

  2. He and some other members of the Saudi Royal family financially supported BinLaden with the 9/11 attacks, remember most of the terrorist from 9/11 were Saudi’s, our good friends. Why we didn’t bomb them into the stone age after the attack is anyone’s guess.

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