Your Daily Muslim #615: Kurmanbek Dyikanbayev

Kurmanbek Dyikanbayev being fat

Kurmanbek Dyikanbayev being fat

Islam and LGBT rights don’t go together, despite idealistic leftists’ insistence the two can coexist. Even Muhammad himself, pigs be upon him, called for gays to be put to death. It’s no wonder that Muslims can’t tolerate LGBT people when their “perfect” moral exemplar (read: pedophile warlord) was a raging homophobe. Kurmanbak Dyikanbayev, a member of Kyrgyzstani parliament, is continuing his prophet’s tradition in the best way a portly, aging fellow like himself can think to – by criminalizing homosexuality and those who speak favorably of it.

Dyikanbayev, despite having traveled to more progressive societies like the United States, still holds the values of the 7th century close to his heart. Thus, he and several others co-authored a bill that would criminalize the demonstration of “a positive attitude toward non-traditional sexual relations,” and impose up to a 1-year jail sentence for anyone caught supporting LGBT causes. Dyikanbayev commented in a radio interview, “The main objective of this bill – to prohibit the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations. We need to preserve the institution of the traditional family from western influences, which are trying to impose the idea of same-sex families [onto our society].”

Non-traditional? Oh, so you mean anything other than bland, vanilla sex between husband and wife? Excuse me while I laugh, considering the very small percentage of intercourse that meets those strict guidelines. Also, just because something is traditional doesn’t make it right. Just look at child marriage in Islam. I mean, sure, Dyikanbayev probably would take less issue (if any) with that than with same-sex marriage, but that’s because he’s a Muslim and thus supports the backwardness of ages past. In any civilized society, equal rights and protection under the law trump religious dogma. It’s about time the Islamic world caught up.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #615: Kurmanbek Dyikanbayev

  1. Actually, the Prophet Mohammed WASN’T a raging homophobe – at least not as we would define it.
    Muslims don’t understand what homosexuality means. To them it means when two men form a romantic relationship with one another as an equal partnership.
    Sodomy doesn’t count. Anal intercourse between men is rife throughout the Muslim World, but if it’s done as a form of sub-dom or master.slave relationship then it’s not haram.
    Mohammed was also known for enjoying sexual pleasures with young boys.

  2. Exactly! Men have no problem having sex with other men or boys in Muslim nations. Saudi Arabia just put out a report that child rape, especially abusing young boys and men was so rife in their society that social workers believe in 50 years there won’t be any non homosexual men in the Kingdom, it was rejected by the Saudi Government but you can still find the report online. It’s one of the most disturbing documents I’ve ever read. Child brides, child rape, Imams telling young men to have homosexual sex in order to be able to jam bombs up their asses is all okay, but a male relationship with another man or two females? Off with their heads. It’s completely bizarre.

  3. […] Kurmanbek Dyikanbajew, Mitautor des Gesetztes, sagte in einem Interview, es sei eben nötig, “die Institution der traditionellen Familie vor westlichen Einflüssen zu schützen” mit Gefängnisstrafen. Sollte Präsident Almazbek Atambajew das Gesetzt unterschreiben, würde […]

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