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Your Daily Muslim #617: Akba Jihad Jordan

Akba Jihad Jordan

Akba Jihad Jordan

North Carolina Muslim Akba Jihad Jordan’s contribution to humanity is the same as that of many other Muslims – a failed attempt at mass murder. The 22-year-old wannabe mujahid and his co-conspirator Avin Marsalis Brown got in contact with people they believed were fellow mujahideen to arrange for overseas travel to join a terror group.

Did the pair have a specific group in mind? Nah, they weren’t particularly discerning; they expressed interest in joining the Islamic State (ISIS), al Qaeda, and Jabhat al-Nusra, among others, you know, any opportunity to shoot the infidel and finally lose their virginity to 72 virgins. Virgin-on-virgin sex… can you say awkward?!

Jordan and Brown also discussed potentially carrying out a jihad terror attack within the United States. They even mentioned their targets, specifically, were the kuffar. Yes, liberals, keep on believing the feel-good lie that Islam can coexist with our secular society. Rolling my eyes…

Of course, the young Muslims were talking to an undercover informant, not a fellow mujahid. Jordan was . It turns out the attack in the US Jordan hinted at may have been near – investigators found a Magic Muslim Peace Sprayerâ„¢ and ammo in his apartment. Jordan pleaded guilty to one count of one count of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists. He’s also guilty of being an idiot with no respect for human life, but unfortunately you can’t incarcerate someone for that.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim #617: Akba Jihad Jordan

  1. North Carolina where “jihad” Jordan is from is the most anti Muslim state in the U.S. They passed a law outlawing Sharia in any form. It’s the law there can be no Sharia in North Carolina. There, Arab/Muslim/Islam hating is even embarrassing to the rest of the country, so naming yourself “jihad” wasn’t really very slick and no doubt had the local red neck po po on your black ass in a bugs ear. Unless you are a tarheel at NCU or play basketball at Wake Forest you are considered a criminal if you are black, so “jihad” I salute your stupidity for not grasping the local culture in the place where you live, or where you grew up and attempting to be a terrorist. You just won a life time trip to a NC prison forever. Good bye, sir! Talk about being stupid, that’s probably why I don’t fear home grown terrorists. What an idiot.

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