Your Daily Muslim #618: Atiq Ahmed

Atiq Ahmed: Internet tough guy

Atiq Ahmed: Internet tough guy

This post contains strong adult language including graphic anatomical descriptions and racist language. Reader discretion is advised.

UK Muslim Atiq Ahmed needs to close his browser window and his Qur’an. The young padawan is close to mastering the ancient Islamic art of foaming – raging uncontrollably like a rabid fiend at the kuffar. It is unknown whose apprentice Ahmed served as to learn his foaming skills, but surely this young keyboard warrior extraordinaire learned his tricks from somewhere.

Ahmed found the Facebook counterjihad page called Allah is a Pig and proceeded to launch into a flurry of spite aimed at the infidel. Note here how he claims us infidels will be turned into pigs at the hands of Allah, a claim made by several others featured on this site.


An African-American counterjihadist commented, attempting to engage the Muslim in discussion. Of course, reason does not work on those who have renounced it. How did Ahmed respond to the assault of logic? With racism. Eww.


When others engaged the rampaging Muslim, the insults went from racial to familial. Like tons of others before him, he decided it would hurt us the most if he insulted our mothers. Sorry, Ahmed, most of us have matured past 4th grade.


I have no idea why he thinks our mothers are into gay guys’ genitals…

When a counterjihadist responded to Ahmed’s last bit of anti-motherly foam with a pathetic insult about Muslims’ mothers, Ahmed struck back, insulting all infidel women:


How would you know, Ahmed? Have you been perving? Watching porn? You know that it’s haram for you to look at the awrah of a woman you aren’t related or married to…

As if insulting our mothers wasn’t enough, Ahmed went on to show how he and his religion totally fit in the secular UK. No wonder he’s so mad, his religion prohibits him from having fun!


Note how he says “we cover them” when describing Muslimahs, not “they choose to cover themselves.” The hijab is often forced upon Muslimahs, who are faced with threats of violence, even death, if they choose to dress liberally. Also, his attempt to insult our mothers by claiming they had low enough standards to be with him is a double fail – 1) no one would say yes to that, 2) extramarital sex is punishable by lashing for the unmarried and death for the married under sharia.

I hope Ahmed foams upon seeing this piece and gives me enough material for a part 2.

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