Your Daily Muslim #620: Zunera Ishaq

No image of Zunera Ishaq was available. However, this is probably pretty close to what she looks like.

No image of Zunera Ishaq was available. However, this is probably pretty close to what she looks like.

Zunera Ishaq was brought to Canada from Pakistan by her husband in 2008. Now, she’s demanding Canada change its laws for her bizarre religious practices. Instead of being grateful for the opportunity to become a citizen, Ishaq put off her citizenship ceremony – because she wasn’t allowed to pretend it was Halloween and wear the traditional Islamic ninja costume, an oppressive garment she says she has worn since age 15, while taking the oath of citizenship.

All people who wish to become Canadian citizens (read: those too stupid to realize the USA is better) must take the oath of citizenship, which basically involves pledging allegiance to Canada. Oath-taking ceremonies normally involve dozens of people being in the room at once as each goes up and says a few magic words to become a filthy moose-humper. However, ninja-costume-wearing Ishaq refused to lower part of her veil so the officiant could see her lips moving during the ceremony, as is required of all taking the oath. Now, she’s filing a lawsuit against the Conservative party because the former immigration minister, a conservative, put the anti-ninja policy into effect.

Ishaq, who has joined a Facebook group in support of Islamist political party Jamaat-e-Islami, claims the ban on wearing ridiculous ninja costumes violates her right to express her religious beliefs, a right extended by Canada’s Charter. However, numerous parliamentarians disagree, citing that wearing a veil during the ceremony can be problematic since you can’t tell if a ninja’s lips are moving. “To segregate one group of Canadians or allow them to hide their faces, to hide their identity from us precisely when they are joining our community is contrary to Canada’s proud commitment to openness and to social cohesion,” wrote Jason Kenney, the minister who initially implemented the ban.

What do you think – should Ishaq be able to hide her face? Or should she be forced to briefly show it to take the oath, despite whatever religious obligations and/or self-image issues cause her to want to hide it?

5 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #620: Zunera Ishaq

  1. Mooslim bitch ought to be send back to where she came from, so she can wear her beanbag and not bother anyone.

  2. It’s so clever how the Islamists immigrate to free countries and then use their liberalism to engrain themselves and use the liberals to change the culture to suit them and their caveman laws, little by little. Before long the liberals will have implemented sharia law themselves, without realizing it, like a frog in boiling water.
    With regards to this feature: immigrate on back home, lady. We don’t go to your country and demand you respect our religious preferences. In fact, Asia Bibi, a Christian, was just sentenced to death for a claim of blasphemy against Islam in your country. (I would say “unsubstantiated,” but that implies that blasphemy laws have a place. The problem is the blasphemy law, not whether or not her neighbors were falsely accusing her of breaking it.)

    • For the record, I love immigrants, most of my friends, including my best friend, are immigrants, and I make a special effort to reach out to immigrants (and intended immigrants, as in the universities) that I encounter. I have been lucky; they all support Western freedoms and wanted that for themselves. But I cannot understand the reasoning of those Americans/Canadians who support the immigrants who move here and then want to change it into the hell hole they came from. We should pack those citizens up and ship them back with the immigrants who try to drag us back in time.

  3. You are a complete waste of oxygen. As useless as a vaginal blood fart. Your comments about Canada are contrite and moronic. Go ahead and join ISIS and end up dead somehow. Please

  4. She should be sent back from where she came for, period.

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