Your Daily Muslim #624: Mohammad Kazim bin Elias

Mohammad Kazim bin Elias

Mohammad Kazim bin Elias

Another day, another YDM named Mohammad… it never gets old. Malay Islamic scholar/preacher Mohammad Kazim bin Elias generated controversy recently after his condemnation of a (wait for it) dog-petting event. Islam views dogs as being nejis (ritually unclean), and Muhammad himself, pigs be upon him, called for the slaughter of canines. Apparently being cute and cuddly is haram.

The organizer of the event has been more or less forced into hiding due to death threats from Kazim’s rabid fans, including threats to stone him to death – all for organizing a harmless event where people can pet and possibly even adopt furry companions. Many of the foamers claimed the event’s organizer was trying to “destroy Islam” and the like. Kazim himself claimed it was a way to “inject pluralism and liberalism” into the Muslim ummah (spiritual community.) Because those are such bad things that the Muslim community totally isn’t in need of…

Kazim claimed the dog-petting event was a “subtle elbow movement” toward “legalizing something haram,” and also believes such events will “ultimately transform and negate the purpose of the law.” Kazim also mentioned that allowing this event could lead to a similar campaign involving petting and perhaps eating pigs. The self-imposed deprivation of bacon is quite possibly what has made over a billion Muslims worldwide go mad.

I left the foamers on Kazim’s post condemning the event, which has over 13,000 shares, a very nice comment. Now, I’m going to go look at pictures of Swedish Vallhunds because they are basically wolf corgis.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #624: Mohammad Kazim bin Elias

  1. Don’t leave us hanging! What did you say in the post?
    Also, OMG WOLF CORGIS! That’s probably going to be the weirdest thing I see today. Touché.

  2. Shoving your dick up a goat’s ass is perfectly fine, but petting a dog gets you stoned, & not the fun kind.

    Islam, guaranteeing humanity’s destruction since 652 AD.

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