Your Daily Muslim #625: Pakeeza Shaikh

Pakeeza Shaikh

Pakeeza Shaikh

Unlike in the USA, Islam’s jihad against swimming pools is going swimmingly in Ausfailia. Pakeeza Shaikh, along with her family and numerous other Muslim families, went to the Adventure World water park in Perth. Things took a turn for the dramatic when Shaikh’s traditional Islamic clothing was deemed to violate park standards.

The clothes Shaikh was wearing were street clothes, including a long, droopy top, and long pants. As is common for Muslimahs, many in the group were wearing headbags. Citing sanitation concerns seeing as Shaikh’s clothes were her street clothes, Adventure World staff told her she would not be allowed to enter the water because they would have to add more chlorine to remove the dirt transfer. Safety concerns with her long clothing were cited when she was prohibited from going down a water slide.

Instead of changing into something a bit less baggy, Shaikh saw a prime grievance-mongering opportunity. She filed a lawsuit against the park after complaining to the Equal Opportunity Commission, claiming she had felt humiliated by the staff because she covered herself. Since leftists see it as discrimination when Muslims are forced to follow the same rules as everyone else, Shaikh won $16,000 from the park, which has since stated it is reviewing its clothing policy… and likely upping the chlorine levels.

If you own or work at a swimming pool or other aquatic facility, protect yourself from litigation jihad: put up signs on the premises forbidding people from wearing street clothing or clothing which could be a safety hazard. Muslims cannot legitimately claim this is discrimination because the rule would apply unilaterally and would certainly end up affecting some non-Muslim patrons with poor choices of attire.

11 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #625: Pakeeza Shaikh

  1. Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.

  2. They all know how to start litigation and get a quid dont’t they?

  3. They all know how to start litigation and get a quid don’t they?

  4. She was the inspiration behind Jabba the Hutt.

  5. when their population is biger enough they will just turn this country into Saudi Arabia.they are using biological jihad we are fucked what ever happens

  6. I would have stuck to my policy if people are going to be allowed to wear street clothing into the pools etc Australians won’t go in the pool we do have some health standards -they always make money from complaints -also they take the risk on the rides -put the signs up-every win is a win for sharia.

  7. And yet if something had happened to her because of these clothes…the outcome would have been the same…she would have sued!!!!!! Unbelievable, this country is becoming a joke..

  8. Stop generalizing about leftists; I’m a “leftist” and think pakeeza-shaikh is a fucking idiot. Maybe consider the possibility that many “leftists” agree with Bill Maher.

  9. How can it be discrimination. Same rules apply to everyone. The aussie woman at Port Kembla who was refused entry to the pool for wearing a short dress to cover her post baby body did not sue. Even tho she was told only muslims are allowed to wear those in the pool

  10. fucking maggots, deport the lot . we dont want or need their kind here.

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