Your Daily Muslim #626: Marium Navid

Marium Navid

Marium Navid

When Muslims hear something they don’t like, they often try to silence that opinion, whether by beheading, legal oppression, or in today’s case, complaining. When counterjihadist Bill Maher was selected to speak at notoriously leftist UC Berkeley’s fall commencement, ASUC Senator (ugh… another one of these student-government types) Marium Navid jumped into action to defend her religion. The Muslimah started a petition on change.org (ugh… another change.org petition) to have Maher replaced as commencement speaker due to his counterjihad beliefs.

“It’s not an issue of freedom of speech, it’s a matter of campus climate,” Navid stated when interviewed. “The First Amendment gives him the right to speak his mind, but it doesn’t give him the right to speak at such an elevated platform as the commencement. That’s a privilege his racist and bigoted remarks don’t give him.” One, Islam is not a race. Opposition to Islam or Muslims is not racism. Two, that’s exactly the point of free speech – campus officials chose Maher as being a worthwhile choice of commencement speaker, thus he does have the right to give whatever speech he desires as he has been granted the platform to do so. To ask that the speech be taken away from him would only prove him right that Muslims cannot handle criticism.

Navid launched a campaign called “Free Speech, Not Hate Speech” as another measure to try to stop Maher from speaking. The goal of this campaign is for Muslim students and their leftist appeaser allies to contact university officials and speak out against Maher’s impending speech. The name of the campaign is horribly funny, when you think about it – trying to stifle speech is exactly the opposite of free speech. I’m unsure whether or not Navid has realized this.

Aside from her anti-Maher escapades, Navid is also an outspoken supporter of Palestine and is in favor of UC Berkeley divesting from Israel. Yes, the Israel that is a beacon of tolerance for LGBT people and religious minorities in the Middle East. Yes, the Israel that treats wounded Palestinian children in its hospitals. Navid also co-wrote this piece, criticizing the choice of a Jewish man as UCLA student regent and complaining about alleged Islamophobia on UC campuses. You know, maybe the ninja costumes and inability to drink might be a contributing factor to that. Just saying.

Despite her opinions thus far being largely disagreeable, Navid does have one redeeming stance: the opposition to drone strikes, which normally end up causing far more collateral damage than is needed to complete their mission. “The more you hit these villages, the more you kill civilians,” she said. “This is not just a Muslim issue; it’s a matter of social justice.” Ugh, she had to ruin it with that stupid liberal buzzword, “social justice.” Basically, that term has devolved to mean “progression toward statism where only left-wing views are permitted.” On Tumblr and other locales infested with leftists (likely UC Berkeley), the definition can be extended to “if you are a straight white man, your opinion is automatically invalid because you are a racist because I said so!”

Let’s hope Navid’s campaign falls on deaf ears. Maher would certainly give a great speech, and he’d probably not even say anything offensive because, come on, it’s a commencement speech. He probably wouldn’t delve into Islam unless his mortal enemy Ben Affleck were there.

13 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #626: Marium Navid

  1. and who would you prefer to do the honours, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi??

  2. What a stupid argument! If Maher has already exposed himself for who he is: a racist. We should just pretend he isn’t and welcome him because he would give a great speech. You imbecile! Joseph Stalin probably would have given a great speech were he alive…but he’s a monster! You’re an idiot!

    • Maher is not a racist. He is anti-Islam. There is a difference, but your feeble mind cannot comprehend that.

      • More correctly, Bill Maher is anti-organized religion. He just has a special pet hatred for Islam because of how evil it is. Despite what some people say, Bill Maher is not a militant atheist.

      • Maher is definitely not a racist. And he has a thing for black chicks, too. I don’t find him particularly funny or witty, and rarely listen to him, but he’s right about Islam. To call him racist over it is like to call somebody who’s anti-communist a racist because most communists nowadays are Chinese.

  3. What a brave women.stand up for hate and bigotry. This site should be called” how to be a bigot”.

  4. Islam is the antithesis of liberalism. What is wrong with these kids?

  5. The last time I was on the Berkley campus, I saw nary a burqua. This is a small, vocal, whiny group of cry babies making a lot of media noise – it’s not representative of the campus. Is it Islamophobia if they are really trying to kill you? I’m sure Maher will take a chunk out of them at the graduation.

  6. Brilliant you should get a medal for making me laugh daily .dementors I love it

  7. One of the good things about this site is the muzzies who reply in fits of foaming rage, proving with their every post both the idiocy of islam and the chronic dangers of inbreeding. Keep it up muzzies. Thanks for the evidence of your obvious subhuman intelligence.

  8. Islam is not a race, therefore these are NOT racist comments. They are comments about religion which falls under the rights of freedom of speech. Just because an agenda is not your own doesn’t make it invalid. See Mr. Maher’s movie RELIGULOUS. He offends everyone. Stop being so sensitive!

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