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Your Daily Muslim #628: Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman

Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman demonstrating the length of his favorite sex toy

Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman demonstrating the length of his favorite sex toy

Well, it’s Halloween, so I figured it’d be fitting to feature a Halloween-related fatwa (Islamic edict) on YDM. Meet Malay Islamic scholar Ustaz Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman, president of the Islamist group ISMA, a man who seeks to drive Malaysia back into the 7th century through fearmongering, blatant lying, and utter lunacy.

When Malaysia’s National Fatwa Council issued a fatwa informing Muslims that taking part in Halloween celebrations was in violation of sharia, Zaik decided to add his two cents on the issue. He claimed non-Muslims worldwide organize Halloween festivities to “shake the faith” of Muslims and “spread atheism.” Yes, because Christians worldwide are conspiring and celebrating Halloween in order to turn people they’ve never had contact with into… atheists? Did anyone follow Zaik’s logic there? Was there even any logic there?

Zaik has also stated that he believes pluralism and liberalism are among the many methods Jews use to erase national identity, which Zaik sees in a religious framework due to Malaysia’s strong Muslim leanings. Another alleged Jewish conspiracy thought up by a Muslim who lacks any hard evidence to back his assertion… yawn.

As I’m sure you’ve read on this site or elsewhere, many Muslims say that non-Muslims living in sharia-governed areas (dhimmis) are not held to the same standard of conduct because they are not forced to strictly adhere to sharia. However, we’ve seen that this isn’t the case on many occasions. Zaik claims that dhimmis must live by sharia and not “act beyond their means,” calling non-sharia-compliant actions of those non-Muslims a form of extremism. In the same breath, he argued sharia was not extremist. At another rally focused on stirring up anti-Christian sentiment, Zaik called for sharia punishments (hudud) to be applied to non-Muslims as well. It would be funny if these crazies didn’t believe every word they said.

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