Your Daily Muslim #631: Sara el Ghouch

One of these young women is Sara el Ghouch.

One of these young women is Sara el Ghouch.

It’s very rare you see a female rape apologist. However, that’s exactly what the religion of peace produced in Moroccan-born Muslimah Sara el Ghouch, who now resides in Sweden. When confronted with the fact that her beloved Muhammad, pigs be upon him, married a 6-year-old girl named Aisha and molested her at age 9, el Ghouch tried to defend her prophet’s actions. To her, a dude in his mid-50’s putting his genitals into a prepubescent girl is somehow OK.


AISHA WAS SIX when she got “married!” Do you really think a six-year-old has any idea about the implications of marriage? Also, quite a few psychological disorders and conditions can arise from sexual assault, many of which do involve attachment to the assailant – this is quite likely what happened to poor Aisha. There is no way a 9-year-old girl can knowledgeably consent to sex.


I just can’t. I just can’t even. No 9-year-old can know the implications of sex. Not to mention the fact that Muhammad, pigs be upon him, had sexually abused her in other ways before doing the actual deed. It’s most certainly rape when one party is unable to provide full, informed consent, which is exactly what happened. Muhammad raped a little girl, and el Ghouch tried to JUSTIFY his behavior instead of condemning it. That says all anyone needs to know about Islamic values.

Also, el Ghouch left this bizarre question on a health expert’s Facebook page:


I don’t think, based on her pro-rape posts, she has any right to call herself “healthy” or “normal.”

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #631: Sara el Ghouch

  1. Accepting child rape by way of their crazy religion is beaten into them from early childhood, these women know intellectually that it’s child rape, a six year old can’t give consent and yet they will defend this ideal of their possibly schizophrenic prophets’ sick and disgusting behavior till death. No wonder so many of them are acid attacked and burned alive, they are set up for abuse from birth. It’s one sick religion.

  2. Another chapter in the Muslim comedy hour. Who writes this stuff? She cannot be serious but unfortunately I think she is!

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