Your Daily Muslim #632: Muhammad Yousuf Gujjar

muhammad yousuf gujjar

Islam does not tolerate blasphemy, with it being punishable by death under sharia. Of course, this has resulted in an extreme form of vigilantism on the part of many Muslims, who are chomping at the bit to satiate their bloodlust. One such Muslim is Pakistani kiln owner Muhammad Yousuf Gujjar. When two of his employees, a married Christian couple, wanted to quit because he was not paying them, Gujjar demanded they pay him 500,000 rupees. Uhh, your employer should pay you, not the other way around… but aside from being a terrible boss, Gujjar is also a terrible human being.

When local Muslims had seen the woman burning some of a dead father-in-law’s old belongings, they started a rumor she had been burning the Qur’an because it was known she and her husband were Christians. This led Gujjar to take her and her husband hostage in a back room at his facility. Gujjar told many area residents where he was keeping the couple, and why. The local Muslims demanded more justice than the two being held captive against their will, so they swarmed Gujjar’s facility. The woman, who was pregnant, was shown no mercy; the angry mob of 100 or so Muslims broke her legs so she could not get away. The crowd screamed “Allahu akbar,” “death to blasphemers,” and “death to the infidel Christians.”

Then, Gujjar and the mob beat the couple before dragging them into the kiln, burning them alive. Many local police were present – as part of the savage horde. Investigators who heard of the crime only found shards of bone and small clumps of hair remaining at the scene. Whether or not any of the Muslims involved in this heinous act will face justice remains to be seen.

5 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #632: Muhammad Yousuf Gujjar

  1. God, what a horrible story. Why do we let them immigrate to the west – they are obviously insane.

  2. The religion of peace strikes again! Oh such peace and serenity…

  3. Ah Pakistan
    The official open sewer of the Muslim World. The rule of law is strong there nearly as much on the nose as the people of Pakistan.
    The good thing is these stories keep getting out and continue to make Muslims the laughing stock of the world.

  4. […] Muhammad Yousuf Gujjar – Pakistani kiln owner who held a Christian couple hostage before allowing a mob to break their legs. Gujjar then burned them alive in his kiln for having allegedly desecrated the Qur’an. […]

  5. […] Muhammad Yousuf Gujjar – Pakistani kiln owner who held a Christian couple hostage for having allegedly desecrated the Qur’an before allowing a mob to break their legs. Gujjar then burned the couple alive in his kiln. […]

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