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Your Daily Muslim #633: Tamer Amin

Tamer Amin

Tamer Amin

“All [gay] rights should be shattered to pieces.”

Egyptian TV host Tamer Amin is best known for his absurd views and his unabashed prowess at expressing them. The devout Muslim has spoken favorably of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons and condemned gays. In other words, he demonstrates Islam’s totally peaceful teachings.

When asked if he felt the citizenship of Egyptian men who marry Israeli women should be revoked, Amin replied: “Everything should be taken from them, not just their citizenship.” Wow. An implied suggestion of execution and mass property theft just for marrying an Israeli. Who cares who someone marries? What matters is that the couple is happy together. Of course, to Muslims, that is irrelevant; arranged marriages are widespread throughout the Muslim world and any coupling which is looked down upon by the ummah (Muslim spiritual community) often faces severe repercussions. Because, you know, Islam’s all about “live and let live.”

When asked his stance on Egypt and Iran obtaining nuclear weapons, Amin stated: “Israel must fear something. There must be some scarecrow to frighten it.” Why? Why should tiny Israel have to be afraid? It’s already dealing with enough troubles from within its borders, not to mention the Hezbollah crazies right next door. Israel is not actively threatening Egypt, Iran, or any other country with large-scale military invasion. Why Iran allegedly needs nukes to serve as a “deterrent” against Israel is befuddling.

Recently, eight Egyptian men were arrested (YDM629) for attending and filming a secret gay wedding. Of course, Amin felt the need to comment: “If [a man] appears on TV, and says that drinking alcohol is good, for example, this is unacceptable. This constitutes encouragement of depravity. Now he has to deal with society and the law. This holds true for the prison sentences handed down against the young men who appeared in the video of the homosexual wedding.” Depravity by whose definition? Those who believe the semi-coherent ramblings of a seventh-century pedophile? You’re talking about punishing people who have harmed no one. You’re talking about punishing people for celebrating their love. This is why Islam cannot thrive: it forbids far too many people from sharing their joys.

“Today, the [homosexuals] were sentenced to three years in prison, and three additional years on probation,” Amin continued. “This sentence is the epitome of justice.” Uhh, no. The epitome of justice would be for those gay men to be released, have their wedding expenses covered as restitution, and for the Muslims who jailed them to be publicly shamed for their seventh-century mentality.

When a female student at Cairo University walked around without a headbag, she was openly harassed and catcalled. A video of the incident went viral, demonstrating the savage mindset of many young Muslim men present. After watching the video and seeing the public’s varied reactions to it, he stated on a live broadcast: “She was dressed like a hooker.” He called the student’s decision to go uncovered “a shame to us all.” No, your religion is a shame to you all. A woman has the right to go out in public wearing what she wants. It’s not OK to gang up on her and harass her just because she doesn’t want to wear a ridiculous ninja outfit!

“No, she doesn’t have personal freedom of dress,” Amin continued, further showing his idiocy. “The girl was jiggling her bits and the sexually repressed boys couldn’t control themselves.” So who are you going to criticize, the girl who did nothing wrong, or the creepy catcallers? Well, Amin’s a Muslim, and Islam always blames the woman. The mention of the boys’ sexual repression is very relevant – if Islam allowed people to enjoy each other’s company, seeing an uncovered woman would likely not drive as many of those Muslims into a horny frenzy.

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