Your Daily Muslim #634: Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

Is he facepalming or praying? Or facepalming because he's praying?

Is he facepalming or praying? Or facepalming because he’s praying?

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, born Chris Wayne Jackson, played for the Denver Nuggets. His career plummeted after he took a bizarre stand – or, more specifically, seat. Instead of standing for the national anthem with the rest of his team, Abdul-Rauf chose to remain seated or stretch. Why? Because he is Muslim – and any form of national identity or patriotism is against Islam.

Abdul-Rauf received a one-game suspension for his refusal to take part in the ceremony everyone else was involved in. A compromise was reached where he would not have to put his hand over his heart or sing along, but could instead quietly pray in Arabic during the song. He also became known for covering brand logos on his uniform and fasting during Ramadan, even when that coincided with training or games.

What this tells us is that Muslims have an active incentive to not be patriotic – the power of Allah compels them to be sourpusses. Next time someone is reciting the national anthem or the pledge of allegiance, look at any Muslims in the area – they will likely not be taking part.

5 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #634: Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

  1. Another one of these loons is doing the same thing on the Cavs. Their teammates hate their guts for being unpatriotic except to a pedophile psychopath. What is the attraction to this bizarre religion. I can see being born into it and the indoctrination, but who would covert to the nasty horrible cult?

    • It’s not about being patriotic, it’s not accepting the symbols of oppression and discrimination. That’s why he chose to sit, not because he’s disregarding his national identity. Did he ever insult any one’s religion? You better not start on religions , he has the freedom to join whatever religion he chooses and you have no right to judge. And about Islam , it’s a religion people like you would never understand. It gives you the pride and happiness of being a good person which you’re obviously not.

      • Islam is NOT a religion. It is a totalitarian ideology much like Nazism in that it incorporates racism and antisemitism. Actually, its like the Mafia and Nazism and the Manson family all rolled in to one. So, yes, the question is how anyone can convert to it if they are not born and brain-washed in to it. The assertion it is an ideology, not a religion, is revealed from actually studying the tenants of the Koran and the supporting dogma, something people who call it a religion have either not done or, if they have, have willfully ignored the rational conclusions of doing so in the interest of political correctness. By the way, we do have a right to judge. It’s people like you that allowed the Nazi party to gain the power it did in Germany in the 1930’s by failing to judge and keeping their mouths shut. Shame on you for trying to stifle fair criticism and shifting the blame to the tired old argument of oppression by a democratic republic. I suppose Islamic State is a better solution to the world’s problems? Perhaps you fancy Sharia?

  2. I am sure the fans and the sponsors will be making their voices heard. I wonder if these guys will get another contract let alone a game each week. Get rid of them!

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