Your Daily Muslim #635: Mohammad Farman Ali

Mohammad Farman Ali

Mohammad Farman Ali

Pakistani Muslim Mohammad Farman Ali is a man of many appetites. His hunger grew insatiable. When he saw locals burying a woman’s body, he knew he couldn’t resist any longer. That night, he unearthed the woman and hid her body in his house he shared with his brother, Mohammad Arif. Upon a visit to the grave the following day, locals immediately contacted police. A foul smell led them to Ali’s house. The odor grew stronger as they made their way toward Ali’s room.

When the door was kicked open, they saw it – the woman’s dismembered corpse, one leg having been amputated at the knee and the other missing a foot. The body had attracted a swarm of ants. Local policeman Fakar Bhatti commented, “In the middle of the room, I saw a cooking pot which was half full of [human] meat curry. Nearby was a wooden board, a butcher’s axe and a large kitchen knife. Bits of fat clung to the board and the blade of the axe.”

Ali was not home at the time, but his brother was taken into custody. Ali was tracked down and arrested at a later date. When interviewed, Ali said he had written “certain verses of the Qur’an in reverse as a way of casting a spell on his neighbors.” In order for the sorcery to work, he said he and his brother had to be unwashed and consume human flesh.

This was not the first time Ali had misbehaved. His wife, who fled the marriage, said he beat her and would often leave in the night. Because Islam liberates women, Ali locked his wife in the house during his night ventures (read: corpse runs.) Upon his arrest, he confessed to having exhumed numerous other bodies with his brother. It is believed the brothers dug up over 100 corpses before their capture.

The pair were convicted and served two years behind bars. However, their quest to get their sorcery skills to level 85 meant they would need to dig up more bodies. The grisly ritual began again. This time, however, it was even more extreme. The night after a three-year-old boy was buried, the brothers set out on another graverobbing expedition. However, the putrid stench of the corpse followed them to their house and disturbed neighbors the next day, and the police found the men yet again practicing their Islamic vein of magic.

The boy’s severed head was sitting out in the open, a gruesome decoration adorning the brothers’ ritual space. The two men were arrested a second time, and are now back behind bars where they are unable to perform their horrific rites.

5 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #635: Mohammad Farman Ali

  1. Islam is the religion of satan; the Koran claims “Allah is the best deceiver.” The Bible names Satan as the great deceiver. No surprise here.

    Pakistan: if you are rumored to speak a word against our backwards religion, we will incinerate you in a kiln. Where is the kiln for this guy, who writes the Koran backwards and is caught with evidence?

  2. Two years in jail for cannibalism/corpse theft for these pricks, who obviously ought be locked in a mental ward for life, but death for those that “blaspheme” Islam.

  3. I thought black magic was punishable by death in Islam? At least in Saudi Arabia it is.

  4. 2 years for grave desecration, cannibalism and grave robbing? Caught again I suspect because they read the Koran daily the Imams will give them a ticker tape parade, without the ticker tape because Pakistan has no legit economy, but whatever substitute people surround by trash use to honor daily Koran reading cannibals.

  5. Was this a dine in or take away? I am shaking my head and trying to understand the mentality we are dealing with. I cannot believe in this age that a moron who probably has a TV and a phone believes that they can live as a caveman. Does Oakistan have no pride in how they are portrayed in the world let alone the death cult if Islam.

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