Your Daily Muslim #638: Mohamed Makhloufi

She does not need any of that cake...

She does not need any of that cake…

Tunisian Muslim Mohamed Makhloufi, 32, a former coffee shop worker, realized he wanted to join the rest of the Muslim ummah in their invasion of the UK. To do so, he joined a dating site, where he found his prey: a grandmother in her mid-40’s named Jane. She was probably an easy target; aging hamplanets kinda get desperate (gee, I wonder why), though Jane said she wasn’t looking for anything serious at the time she met Makhloufi. After Jane, who suffers from multiple forms of arthritis and lives on incapacity benefits, took several trips to Tunisia to be with Makhloufi, he proposed to his visa her.

Of course, she immediately said yes, seeing as how she believed he was the one for her. She felt he wasn’t “only after one thing” when dating her. Well, clearly that one thing wasn’t sex. However, he is widely believed to be after one thing: a visa. What Makhloufi is thought to have done in marrying Jane is a common practice among young north African Muslim men, who are often crudely referred to as “love rats.” This is similar to the “love jihad” waged against Hindu women, where Muslim men try to (often coercively) convert Hindu women through relationships and marriage.

Jane made love jihad a non-goal for Makhloufi – she said she would willingly convert to Islam for him and start wearing the traditional Islamic ninja costume. Assuming there is a hijab or niqab that fits, this might not be the worst fashion blunder she could make.

Jane is lobbying government officials to grant Makhloufi a visa. He is currently working elsewhere, and Jane claims the separation is aggravating various medical conditions of hers. Maybe it’s the separation… or maybe it’s her diet. Just saying.

5 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #638: Mohamed Makhloufi

  1. “But but… Not ME, not US.” -Jane and every other victim of love jihad

  2. I feel marginally sorry for this woman. I have known a similar case concerning an older woman. It’s a good thing that this gets press because we (west) are going to be battening down the hatches and this will be a new way in. Preying on chubby women.

  3. Do Muslim men have no dignity? How did he seeing eye dog think about the union? Hah the Muslim Comedy Show rolls on.

  4. Looks like she needed a bigger cake…..

  5. Let her stay in Tunisia if she’s willing to convert, he’s young so he can care for her financial and medical needs, I mean it is true love. She needs to make him prove it to her. If need be she can visit GB once a year on a two week visa, right?

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