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Your Daily Muslim #639: Shahul Ahmed

Shahul Ahmed's Twitter avatar, an icon of the group Anonymous

Shahul Ahmed’s Twitter avatar, an icon of the group Anonymous

“Where are you the Muslim world!!!! If we don’t fight for [Masjid al-Aqsa] why are we living then…”

Shahul Ahmed is not this Muslim’s real name. It is an alias he uses to do the work of his beloved sky-demon Allah. Numerous Islamic black-hat (malicious) hackers have recently been targeting any and all Israeli sites. Ahmed is one such hacker. Identifying with the hacktivist group Anonymous, Ahmed has gloated in the takedown of several prominent Israeli sites, including resources for families of children with Down Syndrome, the Children’s Memorial Association, and educational institutions. In other words, evil bastions of Zionism, no doubt.

Here’s an image of what Ahmed and others do to sites they target:

"Jerusalem is ours" - I beg to differ.

“Jerusalem is ours” – I beg to differ.

Masjid al-Aqsa is an Islamic holy site located in Israel. Much of the jihad against Israel comes from Muslims who desperately want to retake that mosque and the surrounding land despite it being located in a Jewish nation.

More pig-hatred? Yawn. Predictable.

More pig-hatred? Yawn. Predictable.

Ahmed and his BFFs also targeted American sites, including the University of Nevada – Las Vegas and Florida International University. As many contend, Islam and liberal arts education tend not to go hand in hand, and Ahmed is doing a good job proving that. A handful of Indian sites were hit as well, likely due to Muslims’ disdain for Hindus.

This is a screenshot from one of Ahmed’s hacker group’s YouTube channels, outlining how to extract the identities of sites hosted on a particular server. Note how pathetic and childish this is – like left-wing crybabies, Muslims can’t handle any criticism. However, unlike left-wing crybabies, Muslims respond with violence instead of harpy-esque histrionics.


If this site goes down in the near future, blame this raging, butthurt Muslim who is proving how tolerant his “religion of peace” is.

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