Your Daily Muslim #640: Nurhazrida Mohammad Shafri

Nurhazrida Mohammad Shafri tempting men with her uncovered hair

Nurhazrida Mohammad Shafri tempting men with her uncovered hair

Singaporean Muslimah Nurhazrida Mohammad Shafri, who works at the Ministry of Education, needs some anger management classes. Like most of her coreligionists, Shafri appears to be in a state of perpetual rage. This rage is often blamed on Jews. You’d think she’d want to set a good example for her children, but that does not appear to be the case based on these screenshots of her foaming on Facebook. Here’s how she reviewed the nation of Israel:


Another Muslim who wishes Hitler had finished off the Jews?! Who’d ever expect that?! Again, we see the religious tolerance Islam preaches. Of course, this wasn’t the only instance Shafri publicly posted anti-Semitic hatred on Facebook. Behold her criticizing Jews for having children:


Note how she makes no mention of the numerous jihad attacks perpetrated daily against Israelis. She then really went off the deep end, comparing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, an advocate of peace and progress, to Hitler:


This is the tolerance Islam shows other religions. That “Coexist” bumper sticker your left-wing neighbor has on their car is the pinnacle of idealistic stupidity. Islam cannot coexist with other religions, and adherents like Shafri demonstrate that daily.

8 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #640: Nurhazrida Mohammad Shafri

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  2. I think her BoB needs new batteries she’s obviously frustrated.<:o)

  3. Notice how her own country, like every other Muslim nation keeps Palestinians in camps instead of offering them citizenship?. That’s because they don’t work, are violent felons and only want to mooch and destroy any government where they end up. Billions of acres of land all around the Muslim world and yet they are kept in camps to be controlled or just plain left with no where to go. Even Arabs know better than to bring Palestinians anywhere near them. Pity Israel.

  4. […] Nurhazrida Mohammad Shafri – Singaporean Muslimah who wrote, “Should have just let Hitler wipe you Jews out from the face of the Earth. Ungrateful beings!” Shafri also criticized Israelis for having children and compared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Hitler. […]

  5. I guess Mossad knocked all of the Malaysian Airlines planes out of the air. I think that’s karma

  6. I see sometimes young women walking about with mohammedan garb on and think to myself “do they even know what that stands for?” . I try and be optimistic and hope they are just stupid or are victims. That said, I also feel that there’s a perpertrator lurking there within each of them and that they need to take courageous action while they can because as they get older a darkness will get bigger and bigger in them, even murderous.
    I once passed a mohammedan woman of about 50 in the street, it was a beautiful day yet she looked so unhappy and agressive. Then I thought she probably has every right to look like that because she’s been trapped her entire life; trapped in mohammedan clothing, trapped in a male orientated religion, trapped by lack of education, trapped with no prospects of bettering herself or getting employment, trapped with faltering English, trapped in a marriage she was forced into at 14, perhaps she was even genitally mutilated, trapped living in a big city in a ludicrously self isolated community, – its no wonder there’s feelings of resentment against the free, an anger must arise even twisting itself into mental illness.

    I read a great online comment, someone in fact described the whole of mohammedisim as “organised mental illness”.

  7. This is interesting that I chanced upon this. Even more interesting how my thoughts are important to him too… Well, well fellow human. I do not have to explain to you how I felt towards anything happening in this world. Why didn’t you copy paste on my post saying that not ALL Jews are bad and I do have friends who are Jews.. It is just that country and their people. I think this person is psycho in the brains to start off with. Oh ya, about me trying to tempt men… well, I rather wear the headgear when I am ready than wear it cos I have to. And I rather speak the truth rather than be like you who preaches PEACEFUL islam but tries to bring others down. PEACE OUT!

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