Your Daily Muslim #642: Jimmy Stepney

Jimmy Stepney

Jimmy Stepney

An Oklahoma Christian offered a down-on-his-luck man a place to stay. This admirable act inspired by Christianity’s teachings of charity, however, would soon come back to hurt the host. The man who was taken in was Jimmy Stepney, a Christian at the time. However, Stepney began reading the Qur’an, a hate book from the seventh century filled with child molestation and commands to behead infidels.

The host and the parasite (read: Stepney) got into an argument over their differing religious beliefs. Stepney then said he believed it was OK to behead people. Gee, I wonder where he got that idea… totally from the Bible and/or primetime television. Definitely not the holy book of his “religion of peace (see Qur. 8:12.) Stepney’s frothing rage further devolved, with him having been quoted as saying that white people should be beheaded.

Stepney’s next act further disproves every left-wing social justice warrior’s incorrect belief that Islam is a religion of peace. After being kicked out of the host’s house due to his violent views, he returned two days later with a knife. He told the host, “you’re going to die tonight,” before punching him. The host’s mother was home at the time and grabbed a baseball bat. Stepney stabbed the man and lacerated his arms multiple times before being bludgeoned to the ground by the bat-wielding woman. Police arrested the wannabe mujahid.

Stepney is currently behind bars, charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery.

6 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #642: Jimmy Stepney

  1. Christinaity’s teaching of charity? Islam and Christianity are two sides of the same coin. Islam tells you to kill non-believers, christianity teaches to punish them. There is a lot of stoning to death crap for adultery in the bible too.

    • The old testament has more cruelty, but that was overruled by the new covenant. But Christianity as it is supposed to be practiced isn’t about that. Unfortunately, many Christians do not grasp that…

      • That depends on who you ask. Jesus said that all of God’s laws and commandments would stand until the end of time, including the Old Testament. Christians are notorious for trying to pretend their religion is softer and gentler than it really is (but that’s ok with me. It’s just not what their book says…) They’re kind of up the creek on this though, nothing short of another profit that tells us both the old and new testaments are very wrong will fix it. And then they’d have a whole new can of worms to deal with!

        When you say “as it is supposed to be practiced” we’re going to run into the same BS the muslims use. Supposed to according to who? There’s a wide variety of behavior that can be fully supported from (often contradictory passages in) the Bible.


    • Judaism in the Old Covenant allowed stoning and only for few offenses. It never said to kill those who don’t convert. And Jesus in the New Covenant said that he who is without sin should cast the first stone. We are told to rebuke and discipline, but not condemn to death. God is the ultimate judge. The two religions are diffinitely not two sides of the same coin.

  2. I like the mother! Lol

  3. not a full packet of biscuits by the look of him

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