Your Daily Muslim #643: Mahmoud Abdullatif

Mahmoud Abdullatif with a Magic Muslim Peace Sprayer™

Mahmoud Abdullatif with a Magic Muslim Peace Sprayer™

During his life in Australia, Muslim Mahmoud Abdullatif enjoyed numerous kuffar trappings, including clubbing and pick-up artistry. However, despite his affinity for all things western, Abdullatif reconnected with his Islamic faith. This led him to a very different life than the one he was living; in fact, this life epitomized the rejection of his former ways.

Abdullatif’s return to his Islamic roots quickly drew him to the path of jihad, as is taught in Islam’s holy texts. Instead of spending time with his friends or going out, he was busy banging his head on the floor, reading passages from a seventh-century child porn fairytale. This may have been partially inspired by his relatives – his uncle was once under investigation for terrorism. Abdullatif then did what’s quickly becoming all the rage among Muslims – flew overseas and joined the Islamic State terror group in Syria.

This conversion from everyday guy to terrorist did not happen due to “Islamophobia” or “discrimination.” No, Abdullatif didn’t leave the west because it rejected him, contrary to the idiotic theories of left-wing ideologues everywhere. Being unwelcome in some circles does not compel people to travel overseas en masse to behead people. Also, remember, Abdullatif was fully integrated into western society and culture. It was Islam, the so-called “religion of peace,” that turned him into the monster he has become.

Now in Syria, Abdullatif is taking part in everyday Islamic State activities like sex slave auctions, beheadings, and raids (not the World of Warcraft kind.) He sometimes uploads selfies taken next to Magic Muslim Peace Sprayers™ and the like. Unfortunately, he has not yet realized the error of his new ways.

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #643: Mahmoud Abdullatif

  1. We don’t want the stupid drongo back either.<:o)

  2. Sounds like he has a kangaroo lose in the top paddock. No different from any other muslim.

  3. He will be rotting in a mass grave soon enough, 15 minutes of glory and a big note to his friends back home and then forgotten. No one will weep no one will remember him long after the demise of the Islamic State. He will not be missed and Centrelink can delete his file !

  4. He is dead. Rot in againy you sack of shit

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