Your Daily Muslim #644: Junes Kock

He has designer bags... under his eyes.

He has designer bags… under his eyes.

Junes Kock, of the Scandinavian chapter of Islamist group Hizb-ut-Tahrir, is overt in his support for the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group. Kock-mongler is, as you can tell, very ginger. Thus, he has no soul, making him the perfect candidate to adhere to the strict doctrines of the sky-demon Allah.

In a video message, Kocksucker tried to convey a sense that the Islamic State terror group and others like it have widespread support: “They [infidel nations] tried, one time after the other, with several meetings in Geneva, and several proposals for a secular interim government, but all their plans were rejected, and the people of Syria seemed to be determined on an Islamic solution.” By an Islamic solution, of course, Kockhead means one involving beheading non-Muslims, amputating the hands of thieves, and treating captured women as a commodity.

The phallic Muslim continued, “This new alliance of countries from near and far have not come to fight terrorists, but have come to fight the Muslims and Islam.” Fighting Islam and fighting terrorism go hand in hand. Islam, when practiced stringently, actively encourages its followers to commit acts of violence. Of course, Kockmunch knows this, but wants to try to unite Muslims under the identity of victimhood. The Islamophobia/”kuffar alliance against Islam” bogeyman is among Muslims’ favorite grievance-mongering devices.

“To the mujahideen, to the commanders, to the brigades, to the people of Syria: It is time to make a choice,” Kock-n-Ball-Torture said. “It is time to consider who you are and what you want. We are all Muslims, and you should know that there are millions of Muslims around the world who support you in every way, as long as you have an Islamic goal.” Millions worldwide. A minority, but by no means a tiny one. Millions of people who support violent jihad. Millions of people who want you dead because you don’t lift your ass and bang your head on the floor five times a day.

Of course, this wasn’t the last bit of craziness from this mental midget. “We ask Allah to reveal plans of the infidels, and to destroy their attempts to fight Islam.” Asking Allah to destroy infidels’ anti-terror plans? How tolerant. How peaceful. What a positive contribution to humanity Islam is making.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #644: Junes Kock

  1. He has no soul. LOL AGREED!
    What a sad little dateless man, who thought he could get a (date) wife in exchange for a few trinkets and a stray dog or two. No one sane or normal would convert to this insanely stupid religion. The Koran makes little or no sense. It’s like a crazy person wrote up a crazy religion and just kept killing anyone who pointed that sad fact out. For about 800 or so years. Ridiculous. Gingers, you always have to keep an eye on them.

  2. With a name like this, no doubt he’s unhappy, LOL!

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