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Your Daily Muslim #645: Brandon Muhammed

Brandon Muhammed thinks tablecloths are the must-have fashion accessory this season

Brandon Muhammed thinks tablecloths are the must-have fashion accessory this season

Brandon Muhammed, also known by his kafir name Brandon Orlando Baldwin, and his fellow Islamic convert Olajuwon Ali Davis were up to no good. After a black man named Michael Brown was shot and killed during a struggle with a white police officer in the city of Ferguson, Muhammed and Davis followed the story and wanted to get involved in the resulting activist events. When the officer in charge was not indicted, riots and unrest broke out across America thanks to news outlets turning this open-and-shut case into an issue of racial violence. And violence is exactly what Muhammed and Davis wanted.

The pair allegedly tried to plot multiple bombings, including one targeting St. Louis’ famous Gateway Arch. They purchased a pipe bomb from an undercover informant, but found out they did not have enough money to purchase as many as they wanted for their ambitious jihad. The pair also allegedly plotted to assassinate Ferguson’s police chief, as well as the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney whose case regarding the shooting of Michael Brown failed before a grand jury. Apparently it seemed perfectly acceptable to Muhammed and Davis to kill people when the law didn’t work according to the narrative they bought into. How peaceful and rational.

According to court documents, Muhammed wrote up a statement in an attempt to pass off his gun purchase as lawful. However, he was trying to purchase guns for Davis and himself without informing the seller, thus landing him in hot water. He and Ali are currently awaiting trial on the firearms violations. It is unknown whether or not any case against them for the bombing plot will be going forward.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim #645: Brandon Muhammed

  1. Nobody will ever accuse Muslims of being smart or understanding consequences. Baldwin and Davis are common black last names, so they are most likely converts. In America about 80% of the converts come out of the prison system. That needs to stop immediately.

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