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Your Daily Muslim #648: Khalil Attieh

Khalil Attieh

Khalil Attieh

“Hating the Jews is a great honor for me and it makes me walk with my head high, because they are worthy of hatred… Any man of honor should hate the Jews.”

Jordanian MP Khalil Attieh really doesn’t like Jews. His hatred likely stems from a deep-seated inferiority complex brought about by alopecia, an expansive waistline, and the resulting lack of sex, but I’m not going to go into that. I’ll let him tell you about his anti-Semitic views:

“By Allah, it is an honor to incite against the Jews,” Attieh said. So much for that whole “coexist” mantra the liberals spout. “Our people in Palestine expect us to support them, and to recite Qur’an verses for the souls of their martyrs.” Martyrs? You mean… terrorists? Israel is defending itself from enemies within and on all sides. Casualties are unfortunate but inevitable in armed conflict. You’d think someone belonging to a tolerant religion of peace would understand that…

“…if [inciting against Jews] is terrorism, we are terrorists,” Attieh continued, further cementing in everyone’s mind that Muslim stereotypes have a high degree of accuracy. “Indeed, I make use of the hatred of the Jews, as all Arabs should, because the Jews respect neither treaties nor human beings. They respect nothing. That accursed [Israeli] ambassador did me a great honor by saying that I hate the Jews. Yes, I hate the Jews. I hate the Jews. I hate the Jews.” He’s repeating himself an awful lot while rambling on about nothing. Perhaps it’s Alzheimer’s?

Attieh concluded his speech with more baseless accusations against Jews, including the tired lineage of “apes and pigs” line from the Qur’an. Sadly, he remains in elected office.

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