Your Daily Muslim #649: Linda Hardan

Linda Hardan

Linda Hardan. If I were straight, I still wouldn’t, even with beer goggles.

This post contains adult thematic material that may not be suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

Many left-wingers argue that it is impossible for a female to rape a male. This controversial stance has recently come to light after actor Shia LaBoeuf’s disclosure that he was raped by a woman; many argued that rape equals sexual violence plus institutional power, not just the sexual violence component. However, that isn’t the legal (or dictionary) definition of rape, and people who think men can’t be raped are rightly regarded as crazy by the average citizen. Their fringe-left “privilege” fanaticism rivals that of Islamists’ crazed devotion, to the point of severing all ties with loved ones who don’t agree with their outlandish views. Many – none of whom are (or even interact with) men – argue that an erection is equal to consent.

Today’s daily Muslim, Linda Hardan (NOT to be confused with Hard-on), 21, is accused of raping a male. With a headbag not quite tight enough to hide her burgeoning double chin, pimple-ridden Hardan, a substitute teacher, found her prey. He was 16, and the two formed a rapport. When he got into her car after school one day, he didn’t know what he was in for. All seemed well until she drove off course and parked the car. Hardan then allegedly molested the teen. Regardless of whether or not he had or developed an erection (which is unknown), HE DIDN’T WANT IT and NO MEANS NO. I don’t care how desperate you are or if you think that an erection equals consent, go play with your vibrator or get a Tinder. It’s ridiculous that some still fail to grasp this, but rape is NOT OK. EVER.

Hardan is facing up to 16.5 years behind bars on charges of child endangerment, sexual assault, and criminal sexual contact. You’d think that a devout Muslimah would know better than to molest a teenage boy, right? Well, her prophet, pigs be upon him, molested a 9-year-old girl, and thus the religion doesn’t set an age limit for when sexual contact is deemed unacceptable. Needless to say, Islam doesn’t have the best track record as far as child welfare.

7 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #649: Linda Hardan


    • And i will shove a pigs dick up your ass before i have my women beat you to death with a pigs leg bone, like the true moslem scum you are. Mohammed sucks dick. Youre out of your depth camel shit eater. The Crusader

    • Hell’s empty, Honey. All the devils are members of the pedophilic ideology of the “god” you follow. They are preoccupied with killing, maiming, raping, animal sex, and invading civilized countries. Cheers!

  2. BAAAHAHHHAAAAA – Yeah, we have to TRY to make you look bad….oooooohhhhh promises, promises…..like those 72 virgins. What a crock of shit…..I hope you all fucking die

  3. @fuck u- you are right this is on sick website, have a piece of bacon on me you pedophile loving fucktard

  4. RE FUCK U. Poor little piglet, It must burn your asshole to see a MUSLIM WOMAN charged with raping a boy. Have some bacon and eggs and relax.

  5. What is up with teachers having sex with underage kids these days. They ain’t gettin enough these days that they have to get it from underage kids. Same happened in Clifton High School teachers having sex with underage kids and in classrooms.

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