Your Daily Muslim #652: Shaheeda Hadee

Alright, alright. Time for one more.

Julissa Magdalena Maradiaga-Iscoa

Julissa Magdalena Maradiaga-Iscoa

Honduran illegal immigrant Muslimah Julissa Magdalena Maradiaga-Iscoa knew the time had come to wage her jihad. She had assumed the Islamic name Shaheeda Hadee and wanted to please her pedophile prophet. Her target? The Miami International Airport. Despite her lack of any tangible jihad skills such as bomb-making or beheading, Maradiaga-Iscoa took it upon herself to offer her life for her bloodthirsty deity.

She attempted to drive through the airport’s entrance, but her natural female driving abilities caused her to hit a police car instead. She may not have been going very fast, but she was certainly furious.

Hadee exited her vehicle and began foaming in true Islamic fashion. Most of what her screeched ranting was in Arabic. However, she suddenly switched to English to yell that she had a bomb. Officers drew their weapons and detained her, cuffing her to a luggage cart. Unfortunately for her, it’s probably the only time in her life she’ll experience the pleasure of being handcuffed by muscular men.

Officers searched Hadee’s vehicle and found no evidence of a bomb. She was taken into custody and is awaiting trial.

6 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #652: Shaheeda Hadee

  1. Wallah Wallah,
    May be she was on her period, unable to fornicate with a human male or a human female; unable to find a goat, camel, or a duck to satisfy her Wallah Wallah lust.

    Indeed, the only time where she will experience being cuffed by muscular men.

    I am not sure however, that any pleasure was experienced by the officers as it is reasonable to assume that she had not taken a shower or bath in at least two to three weeks; or months perhaps.


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